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Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Go For Obama

Born in the USA! Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 10:24 PM
What a drama queen! Switzerland has a healthcare system very similar to Obamacare (private hospitals and mostly private insuranace with a mandate) and their system works very well. Read something about Health Economics!
In a disappointing finish for conservative activists in the midwest, both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have gone for President Obama, narrowing Mitt Romney's path to the presidency.

While the races had narrowed considerably in recent weeks - and some polling showed Romney within the margin of error - President Obama had long held comfortable leads. Indeed, RealClearPolitics had shown President Obama up by only 3.8 percentage points over Mitt Romney. Regardless, that's a pickup of thirty electoral votes for the President.

This significantly narrows Romney's potential path to the presidency. Romney will have to win all...