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One would assume Gandhi was a gun grabbing gun control vigilanti. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH, GANDHI ** Gandhi realized that the right to bear arms was a fundamental right of free people because despite constitutional provisions and non-violent methods of protest, it sometimes becomes necessary to resist tyranny with force. He made it a part of his program first in South Africa and later in India—both under British rule. During World War I, Gandhi called for a repeal of the unpopular Indian Arms Act of 1878 that granted the government extensive powers to restrict the possession of arms. In his autobiography, Gandhi condemned this act in the strongest of words: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, ~ cont.
These cultist's are just that. I've been associating them to the Moonies. American Democrats have most of the Moonie traits if not all.
~ substance abuse and or possession of let's say weed then there's no way any connection can be made to weed being responsible for bizzar behavior that resulted from using it. It doesn't get any better then that for liberals that use it even if the users are ACLU members. As it is no one on the left is admitting to illegal drug or weed use as a factor in the mass murders occurring dispite illegal drugs and weed being what's at the root of say Chicago's own homocides. I think pot should remain illegal, just for the record.
~ anyone to make an association with my pot use in connection with my possible future criminal indulgence(s) or aberant behavior paterns. If I did do something bizzar the ACLU could conveniently point the finger at mental illness and or any psych drugs I might be using and or of course the weapon. If you believe the poohlitically correct at all levels of society which mean the ACLU too don't use pot your dreaming or perpetually stoned. Again, we have a society that self medicate's and will do it while taking psych meds dispite the warning labels and interaction warnings. Your not even supposed to self medicate while taking antibiotics for heavens sake. My point in total is that if there's no standing police record indicating illegal ~
Psych meds are the new scapegoat of the Democrats to undermine the 2nd Amendment yet there's absolutely no proof that the meds are responsible. But Democrats being Democrats they will always find a scapegoat other then put responsibility for crime on the it future personal damage control - the get out of jail free card mechanism. We have at hand a generation that drinks too much and self medicates with illegal substance's. It's no secret that murder by firearms in America's cities is drug related crime. So, if I were a pot stoner I would definitely favor legalizing pot for 2 reason's, 1) increased availability, and 2) no more possession charges to appear on my records. Item 2 there would make it impossible for ~ continued...
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