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ISIS Beheads British Humanitarian Aid Worker David Haines; Prime Minister Cameron Calls Emergency Meeting American journalist is beheaded, Obamas response.....dont bother me with trivialities, i just hit a birdie.
Rand?, is he the son of that loony bin who is an isolationist.
Correction, Fifteen of the 19 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. Two were from the United Arab Emirates, one was from Lebanon, and one was from Egypt.
19 of the hijackers on 911 were from saudi Arabia, and now want the US to do the dirty work of obliterating ISIS, these sheiks are snakes in the grass cowards.
There is no such thing as radical or extreme in the muslim faiith. According to the teachings of the koran, all muslims must convert or kill infidels.
Why even bother calling them Radical, these savages are just Islamic Terrorists, they are faithfully following the command of the koran, which teaches them to behead and kill all infidels, thats anyone who is non muslim or muslim who dont tow the line. Islam is just a cult started by a bloodthirsty madman who preyed on little girls, and they have been following his customs to this very day.
Breaking News, Obamas transcript has been accidentaly sent to Darrel issas office by a high ranking DOJ official.... The short version of the story is this: Holder's high ranking communications aide Brian Fallon accidentally called the Majority Office of the House Oversight Committee on behalf of the DOJ public affairs division to talk about leaking IRS info to a few friendly reporters.
who is going to watch this foot in mouth community organizer, not the low information parasites, all they care about is the govnt handouts, probably the elite liberals living in penthouse suites and the usual suspects the MSM. Im just going to sit back tonight, and watch a movie on netflix, obama is on my ignore list until a new republican is sworn in, hopefully Scott Walker :-)
Too bad those half brain dimwits breed like locusts choking the votes of the very people who are trying to save this republic.
anonymous10633 Wrote: 5 hours ago (2:19 PM) What constantly worries me is the American voter's intelligence. You have an exceptional governor who has balanced the budget; started school choice for the benefit of the children and parents; and who is clearly for the average citizen, and yet he is in a statistical dead heat with a spend the tax payers money, union backing, and against the children's and their parents right to choose their education. Seriously, the margin of approval in this no brainer should be 20%+. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So let me get this straight, a successful Governor who has made the state of wisconsin prosper and grow, is in a dead heat with a liberal politician who will do nothing but bring wisconsin back to the stone age. This proves my point that liberals are insane.
Good point, GW, there is no perfect republican candidate, even superman had his kriptonite, but at least Governor Walker has the credentials to be a strong leader and the kind of person who would lead this country back in the right track, we are all fatigued with obama and his socialism experiment .
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