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Remember, Ronald reagan was a Democrat once, but at least he evolved his way out of the democrat party and became one of the greatest president in modern times, while poor Rand Paul is still stuck on stupid, but i dont blame him, after all he has his fathers faulty DNA.
LOL.. Good one, WJF..
The Obama regime, left wing media, black radicals, are all trying to portray this thug as a martyr, a victim of white racist america, even tho the overwellming evidence points to ththe self defence of the officer against the attacker, but as allways the truth be damned if it does'nt fit the left wing narrative.
Im from the NE, Scott Walker has my vote as well.
Mr Doherty, why wont you write an article about the three time winner Scott Walker, instead of a two time loser like Mitt Romney..that my friend would be better reading, trust me.
To Daniel Doherty, Townhall's Deputy News Editor. This is the second time in less than a week that you have written an article about the latest poll results concerning Mitt Romney. On behalf of TH conservative posters who do not care a rats a$$ about a New England Establishment Republican, whom i might add is the father of Obamacare....STOP POSTING ANYTHING ABOUT MITT ROMNEY, WE ARE NOT IN THE LEAST INTERESTED OK.... Regards...San.
How did that "a" get in there lol... but i guess Establishment types eat their young.
We need to stop the Eatablishment Repukes from nominating the same cookie from the cookie cutter.
Ment to say Establishment Republicans are not the answer,lets give a conservative a chance.
Senator Ted Cruz is a solid conservative, but he needs more time to grow and mature to take on the job as POTUS, we don't need another green horn like obama in this crucial time, there are other candidates who are highly qualified for this most important position,Ted Cruz will make a fine Prez one day.
I remember back in 2008, when Senator John McCain was the Media darling,the Maverick, and the chosen one to take on the unknown community organizer,
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