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What do you mean by Hispanic lovers, I hope youy mean liberals in favor of ilegal immigration. Democrats want the Hispanic vote. Republicans want cheap labor, so they are both responsible for the influx of ilegals. Im of Hispanic Ancestry, but i consider myself an American above all else.
Democrats have the power to raise the dead to cast votes, they will use any means to stay in power,
Yes, Liberalism is about total control of its citizenry thru government, what im saying is the mid term elections are only a few months away, and the obamacare disaster has them unhinged, they will do or say anything to distract the public from this fact, including demonizing the koch brothers to fire up their democrat base, this tactic was used with great results against Mitt Romney and others in the past.
Liberal insanity must be fought tooth and nail, but sadly republican politicians have also drunk from the koolaide.
No society lives past 300 years, with the help of the democrats we are getting close to the total moral destruction of this country.
Its all smoke screens to rally their demented base and to cover for the obamacare disaster.
Yes, evil democrats eventually go senile and turn bat $hit crazy. Term limits is the only solution, other than being replaced by elections. But they wont pass legislation that ends their tenure, power and corruption go hand in hand.
Thats nonsense, he is really working for the north koreans, with the help of a well known basketball player.
Democrats are very generous, with other peoples money. He probably got his suits at the local thrift store, talk about stingy.
134 Koch brother hits and still counting, all thru summer, until November, when Republicans take control of the senate, whats the minority leader going to sing then. Funny, Dingy harry never mentioned those shady land deals that made him wealthy, maybe a senator with cojones can ask harry how he became so wealthy when he opens his mouth about the koch brothers again.
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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Sansebastian Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 11:10 PM
Hopefully, if The Republicans take back the senate, we will make sure his last years in office will be a miserable experience.
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