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Vote for Establishment Republicans and it will be buisness as usual. Stay home and empower the Democrats. Like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and yet again i must hold my nose and vote for people who dont respect my conservative values, may God help us all.
Schadenfreude Wrote: 8 hours ago (2:22 AM) "That's not a knife, mate... THIS is a knife... (pulling out a 15" crocodile gutting knife)" ------------------------------------------------------------ HAHAHAHA Good one, now if we can only get rid of the fence jumper residing in the whoute house.
The evil democrats schemed behind the scenes to put a man in the white house that would be untouchable no matter the scandals, obama was their ticket to pass govnt controlled universal healthcare, and the republicans hands are bound for fear of a backlash, for democrats the end justify the means no matter if they destroy this country.
thom112, you have stole my thunder, obama is but a symptom of our society, Alas the idiots outnumber the sane.
Some bull$hit retoric about healing the planet and lowering the seas as i recall. Last time i checked the weather channel there was a cyclone headed straight for obamas house in hawaii.
I dont care about Chris Rock's political views which are far left of center, but at least he is funny and entertaining, unlike obama who is like a scab that never heals.
Obama the trickster wont send ground forces until he is gone from office, forcing a republican President to clean up his mess therefore blaming the republicans for more American casualties in iraq, and the MSM will be ready to proclaim republicans responsible for the ongoing war in the middle east.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

Sansebastian Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:53 AM
Why do you folks keep calling her ugly, i think she is beautiful...after a few shots of Captain Morgan Jack Danields and a six pack of beer. Besides i would urge the DNC to let her keep her job,she is one of the best things that ever happened to the tea party ;-)
Talk is cheap....the US needs to rain Daisy Cutters on these Beasts.
THE NO STRATEGY, STRATEGY. At the beginning of this year, President Obama referred to ISIS as junior varsity. Later in the year he declared them amateurs. Less than three weeks ago the president said he had no strategy to combat ISIS. Less than two weeks, President Obama referred to the non-ISIS rebels in Syria as farmers incapable of leading the resistance against ISIS. This past Wednesday night, President Obama's bold new strategy is to arm the very rebels he says are incapable of leading resistance to ISIS.
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