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beating liberals by a conservative in a blue state must drive them insane, they have been exposed by the frauds they are for all of wisconsin to see. Keep up the good work Governor, but America needs your leadership in the white house.
Either your being sarcastic or completrely out of touch with reality. The only Fraud is obama, who was elected twice by idiots like you. Even Professor Gruber calls you an idiot for falling for that scam artist from chicago.
Ted Cruz, , Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, John Bolton, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum Sarah Palin. Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio Rand Paul. None of these candidates for President has the leadership experience like Governor Walker, with the exception of John Bolton who has an exceptional resume, Mr Walker is the man of the hour, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush can kiss my conservative A$$...
Governor Scott Walker stands tall among the rest of the GOP RINOs and inexperiened crowd... A proven leader with credentials, and FEARLESS, oh did i mention a solid conservative.
Time to release...GODZILLA on ISIS...
How true, the left gets a free pass, while the rightious get persecuted. Telling the truth in our modern high tech world will bring the hounds of hades to your door. So its a constant battle that we wage against the wicked whose only mission in life is to enslave us all knowingly or otherwise.
Whom among you has no sin, cast the first stone. We were created perfect in the image of GOD, but rebellion was our downfall, just like Lucifer, we rebell and pay the price, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. But still GOD in his eternal love and mercy, will forgive our transgressions, if we fallible humans give him a chance.
Moses and David were messianic jews from the old testament, who were chosen by GOD for a purpose, GOD gave us the ten comandments thru moses, David the greatest KIng of israel we find the liniage of Christ, King of Kings. Without Moses or David there would be no christianity, and Peter would still be a fisherman.
A fool in his heart says there is no GOD, all these Atheists have one thing in common, they are all selfish rebelious people, if there is no GOD then there is no morality to justify a righious moral divinity, hence i can do and think as i please with no moral consequences, who needs GOD says the Atheist, we are far more superior.
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Waiting For Walker

Sansebastian Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 9:49 PM
Amen brother.
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