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Politics and politicians run in cycles, and this is our turn to shine, i just hope the establishment repukes dont mess our chances, its going to be a conservative revival im sure.
Nov will see the senate under Republican control. and in 2017 will see a Conservative President in the White house,
Michelle could be a great cheerleader for the conservative camp.
First of all i dont make bets with TH Trolls, second i never said backman will get the nomination, and lastly you dont have to lose a bet because you trully are retarded.
Hillary has four dead americans in her resume.
Flatulnce stupidity and ignorance strikes again.
Backman versus the she devil hillary could be interesting.
Hmm lets see, Ronald Reagan versus Obama in 2008 instead of John Mclame, or Mittens in 2012, not even a fair fight, Reagan would have obama in a silver platter, unlike your moderate loosers who cant punch themselves out of a wet paper bag.
george, ever since Ronald reagan, most republican presidents have been disapointments, its time for a reagan like conservative on the ballot for a change, dont you agree.
Too bad he was'nt the first onservative black president, but democrats wont allow such things.
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