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Amnesty for illegals...Equals Democrat voters. Welfare for parasites...Equal Democrat voters. Murder of the Unborn...Equals Democrat voters. Same sex marriage...Equals...Democrat voters... Well you get the picture. The Democrat Party is the Party of corruption.
Loose- ment lose
Embracing Government is like embracing a porcupine, you will pay the price,its a loose loose proposition, even for the parasites.
Lets encourage the democrats to hang themselves with their own noose. :-)
Senator Schumer ,the son of jewish immigrants from russia, poland, a highly educated and brilliant man, the only flaw in his armor is that he is a secular liberal. The jewish people are a blessing to America, our founding fathers built this nation under judeo christian principles,this fact alone has made america the greatest nation on the face ot this earth, even the savior of mankind came from the hebrew linage. How ever there are some modern secular jews who would prefer to follow the liberal big Government mantra, by choice or by secular education. Our Jewish bretheren are the Apple of GODs eye, but as allways, there is one Rotten Apple in the basket, and Mr schumer is one example. .
Because Adam sinned, GOD put a curse on him and his decendents, Adam was ment to live for ever in the presence of GOD in Eden, but his rebellion caused him and his children which is all of us to finally die of old age. The curse that Noah put upon his son Ham, like Adam fell to all of Hams decendents as well, Ham is the father of the caananites who migrated south to the continent we call africa.
All are blessed who have given their life to jesus, but there are many who reject this precious gift no matter their nationality.
Its the inspired word of GOD, dont argue with me, argue with HIM.
chemurdered Wrote: 18 mins ago (11:31 PM) There are people that are incapable of being civilized. How many, or better yet , name one civilized country led by a black government. And please don't say South Africa. South Africa is hell hole of crime and economic ruin since Mandela. King James Bible And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.Genesis Chapter 9, Verse 25...
When will black leaders condem Rap Music, go on youtube and listen to the angry vile garbage these young black men listen to on a daily basis.Racism, drugs,treating women with disrespect, and hatred of law enforcement are but the tip of the iceberg. The thug life style is whats killing the black youth of in this country.
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