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Ron Paul is a little crazy to put it mildly, The Apple Does Not Fall Far from the Tree, or in other words, like father, like son. Rand Paul is no conservative, his buddy and mentor happens to be the incoming senate majority leader, like i said before the apple does not fall far from the tree.
GW is a Mole for either the democrats or the establishment Republicans, either way he is a disrupter.
Hmm, We conservatives have a way better choice for 2016, and his name is Scott Walker, the same Scott Walker who beat the Democrats in their own turf not once not twice but three times, a republican governor who has a winnng resume in the state of wisconsin. We conservatives should give our support for Scott Walker, and tell those Northeast RINOs to get the hell out of the way.
John Ransom Wrote, Like dismantling the rest of Dodd-Frank, like dismantling Obamacare, like passing a real budget, like immigration reform, like the war, like getting an oil pipeline built in the Central US, rebuilding our alliances around the world. This bill was passed by politicians that were voted out of office, yet they still had two months to overrule the American people who rejected obamacare and Amnesty, Obama got his pet projects funded thanks to the GOP leadership and the democrats who were fired by the american voter, your wrong Mr Ransom, this was a lose lose proposition for everyone involved.
Go ahead senator McCain, run for president, we need a good laugh.
The Republican party at this momemt is like a blind elephant lost in the tall grass.
Here is my political fantasy, a dream team if you will. President, Scott Walker... Speaker of the House, Trey Gowdy... Senate Majority Leader, Ted Cruz... Under the present GOP leadership it will be buisness as usual, with Republican cowards, obama will keep picking apart this country for the remainder of his presidency.
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Sansebastian Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 8:36 PM
Mr Daniel Doherty, why the abnormal fetish with Mitt Romney, your fixation for this new england RINO seems bizzare. We the people will reject any efforts to promote once again a republican establishment for president... Scott Walker for President...
There are two types of people in ur society, one type works hard and enjoys the fruits of their labor,they are the backbone and a blessing to their community. The other type is lazy, unproductive, and a burden to society. Now which one of these types is representative of obama, Al Sharpton, the black caucus,NAACP. Ye shall know them by their fruits.
Remember, Ronald reagan was a Democrat once, but at least he evolved his way out of the democrat party and became one of the greatest president in modern times, while poor Rand Paul is still stuck on stupid, but i dont blame him, after all he has his fathers faulty DNA.
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