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All My Exes Live in Texas

Borderbill62 Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 7:35 PM
I see all these comments that are saying that since the boys were 18 years of age and met the legal age of consent that she shouldn't have been convicted or received jailtime. However, she wasn't convicted of having sex with minors. She was convicted of violating a state law prohibiting sex between a teacher and students. She broke the law, period. You can disagree with the law, but if you believe in the rule of law then she had to be convicted. I love how some people try to rationalize law-breaking because they don't agree with the law. We can argue whether or not a law should exist, but that doesn't change the fact that this woman broke the law and therefore deserved to suffer the penalty of the law.
A former Texas high school teacher was convicted of multiple felonies after having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home. The conviction was a victory for the prosecution but it was a setback for the feminist movement. It was also a setback for the homosexual uncivil rights movement, which seeks unlimited authority to redefine relationships among consenting adults.

Brittni Nicole Colleps, 28, of Arlington, was found guilty of 16 counts of having an inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher. In Texas, this second-degree felony is punishable by two to 20 years in prison per count. Because none...