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Boopboopadoo Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 9:26 AM
re: "A college grad wrote about getting on the program in an emergency but how it's structured to kick people off abruptly at certain economic levels." Another informative article, Charles. Most people don't realize families with $30,000+ of cash & free benefits must stay under the government income trigger or be kicked off. This is easily done by keeping W-2 wage income low. How do I know? Saw it with my own eyes in Brooklyn. - welfare families in which the husbands spent a LOT of time in the coffee houses. My particular neighborhood housed immigrants from a single language group. Apparently their children are growing up with the idea that striving doesn't pay.
I happen to be a fan of Cory Booker, mayor of Newark and raising star in the Democratic Party. He's young, articulate, and represents a new school of politician in the black community. His struggle to displace the old guard that focused on fire and brimstone and shakedowns and intimidation was epic. Armed with a great education and outgoing personality, he used charm and tricks learned in debating class to get in office and gain high regard.

Yet the longer he's in office, the more it appears his goals are not unlike those of predecessor Sharp James.

Promoting victimization, income redistribution,...