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Let those who are offended by the name pay Mr. Snyder to change it. Why doesn't Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros and all those rich Hollywood types start a fund.
Is "white privilege" something thought up by a white person? If so, it's invalid.
Democrats have no respect for private property rights. However, the perps in question probably could not read.
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Why Jeb Bush's Turn May Not Come

Boone Wrote: May 14, 2014 10:42 PM
The Bushes are crypto-liberals and should be ignored.
Just provide that the Voter ID is also valid ID to buy controlled substances and Paul will be hawking it.
It is a tribute to the communist propaganda machine that conservatives like Mr. Hanson and Rush Limbaugh use the word "McCarthyism." to describe Reid and others, without knowing that Sen. McCarthy has been the victim of a Commie smear. It makes me wince when I see or hear it. It's also being done to Nixon too, whose high crime was covering up a panty raid.
Phony Indian and all, I'd vote for her before I would Jeb Bush.
Biden assumes that they are citizens because Democrats buy their vote.
This is all for the benefit of the low information voters. Next he will point out that the investigation was conducted without taxpayer funds being used. Lastly he will point out that it was paid for out of his own pocket.
If you have the names of some that refuse to serve gays you should expose them. I wonder how they can tell? Are you all wearing armbands?
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