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Hillary Clinton has no accomplishments to name.......at least positive accomplishments. However, she is not all that different from the current occupant of the White House in that regard. She's a democrat and a woman......the media will carry water for her and the low information sheeple will drink the Kool Aide. She'll be the next POTUS and our downward spiral will continue.
Wow....the Dems really want this Benghazi thing ignored. That, in itself is sufficient reason to keep it on the front burner. NOTE TO CHUCK TODD: If you're going to be a shill for the Obama white house while masquerading as an objective news person, you might want to work on your deception technique.
Really.....when I was in high school, PE was a requirement to graduate. However, that was a long, long time ago. I did not know that requirement had been dropped. I believe JFK mandated the requirement.
Terrorism is always a possibility, however, shooting one lone person does not fit their MO.
No....he should have gotten his stupid face rearranged.
Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what Obama has done to mitigate the N. Korean threat. You do know that Obama is POTUS now, right. So many of you Democrats are so invested in stupid and stuck in the past that it's hard to tell.
Would that be the same "social engineering project" that the Democrats demanded and supported when it was popular but being the chicken s%$t turncoats that they are, did a complete turnabout when it became unpopular?
That's great!!! We'll see how long that lasts when the fed abandons the QE scam and reality becomes relevant again.
....and why should we expect a different result than 2008 and 2012. The "takers" are now running the country and there will be even more of them in 2016. The "contributors" are no longer relevant, except to provide "free stuff" for the "takers".
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