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Genderfication of Adolescence

Bonsall Billy Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 4:14 PM
In German there is masculine, feminine, and neuter. Das is not the feminine form, but the neuter. Minor correction, but one that I could not let pass without bringing the mighty weight of my German language instruction from 40+ years ago. I always found it interesting that the German word for young woman or girl was feminine, the word for wife is masculine, but the word for a maiden is in the neuter. Rabbit trail......but interesting to me at least.
Not so long ago, "gender" was something mostly of interest to flirtatious nouns. But then, as the culture became both more vulgar and more squeamish, "gender" replaced "sex" as the distinction between "him" and "her." Now "date," which described how him and her got acquainted, is replaced by "hook up."

Gender used to tell us about language; now, it describes behavioral roles. The word sex was unambiguous, referring to the natural biological differences. But the genderfication of sex expands to encompass the experiences of the transgendered, lesbian and male homosexuals.

Whereas sex refers to two, gender creates a crowd -- emotional...