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Exactly! When you start off as a fool, you need no help to remain so.
Our Republic relies on having an educated and moral populace. At this point, we are lacking in both areas.....and headed in the wrong direction. It will get worse.
Punctuation? He don't need no stinking punctuation!
Reading on it.
That is simply not true. It is the Democrat spin to try to save themselves, but it simply is not true.
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Silence of the Left

Bonsall Billy Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 10:44 AM
You don't seem to understand the issue at all.
It is a writing style that is meant to fake intellectualism. It failed.
Do you think you could at least attempt to stay on topic?
The load may well be in your pants when the Senate flips in November.
What did Reagan do 13 times, you troll? Stay on topic, please.
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