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Do you think you could at least attempt to stay on topic?
The load may well be in your pants when the Senate flips in November.
What did Reagan do 13 times, you troll? Stay on topic, please.
When the president's "strategy" is roundly criticized by the Washington Post editorial board, you know this is not just "one political party" attacking and demonizing the POTUS. (By the way, no apostrophes are needed for "attack's" or "demonize's".) Face it.....the Obama administration has shown itself, again and again, to not be up to the task of dealing with situations like this. The sad thing is that they not only lie to the American people, but they also lie to the people of other countries by promising to be there for them......and then leaving them to the wolves.
This is the way that they are justifying our doing nothing, and they are giving cover to Obama. Compare it with the way the spineless diplomats gave in to Hitler when he sent German troops into the Sudetenland to "protect" German speaking people living there. There is nothing new under the sun.
Actually, it was a 1994 agreement (Clinton era), and it was reaffirmed by the Obama administration. Hence.....nobody will trust us again. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. That was all part of a Kumbaya moment to get the Ukraine to voluntarily surrender their nuclear weapons.....with which they may have been able to defend themselves.
The committee has already voted that she waived her 5th Amendment right by making that statement. I am sure her attorney would argue otherwise, but it is quite possible that the committee will find her in contempt of Congress if she fails to answer their questions. What happens after that is anybody's guess, but don't hold your breath for the DOJ to do anything about it.
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Obama Must Go

Bonsall Billy Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 3:20 PM
You may well be right about that, but we do have a bit of a problem. The Clinton administration in 1994 convinced Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons, promising that we (and the Brits) would guarantee their security. This agreement was reaffirmed by the Obama administration. That may have been a dumb thing to do (Gee....ya think?), but American credibility is certainly on the line. What nation in the future will ever trust us again, and in God's name.....why should they? There have to be things that can be done other than putting American soldiers on the ground there, but if not....shouldn't the brilliant people of those two fine Democrat administrations have considered that before pressuring the Ukraine to disarm themselves in exchange for a worthless pledge?
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This response is not unexpected, but that doesn't mean it is not moronic.
7 in 10 think he is likable? I don't believe that for a second. What is so likable about narcissism, pettiness, vindictiveness, and complete dishonesty?
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