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Webb is delusional. I doubt that 5% of the people in the country even know who he is. Is he really that narcissistic to think that he has that kind of influence? One term in the Senate where he was a tool for the Democrats, and then he ran for the door rather than face the voters again. That makes him a viable candidate?
You got that right, Karll!
Did you respond by reflex without actually reading the column? Where is the "neo-con warmonger part"?
This seems somewhat, what is the word......delusional?
You are a real piece of work, and emblematic of the mindset that allows lousy Dem candidates to win. You are a purist, but you really can't say for what. You insist on purity of principles held by a tiny minority of the voters, which means you are never going to get your perfect candidate elected......never. Wise up, or prepare to live with having no positive effect on electoral outcomes.
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Too Many to Kill—Even for Us

Bonsall Billy Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 1:00 PM
How many of the 1.2 billion Chinese people do you think are working as employees of American owned companies? Even assuming that these companies went along with your idea, which they wouldn't, how would that create "massive unemployment" in a nation of that size?
Daniel also mistakenly said that his party voted to "censor" him. I wish that were true, since that would mean he wouldn't be allowed to speak. The word is "censure". Like many articles in every form of media......proofreading is a little lax.
Needed more than that. It takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to convict. You would need more than a dozen Democrats to go along with it, and that ain't happenin'.
No you don't. You just wander around neighborhoods, walk into houses without invitation, and spread your fecal matter on the furniture. That is basically what you do on Townhall.
I doubt it, but I bet you like going into other people's houses uninvited and spreading your fecal matter on their furniture.
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