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Regime Change in Iran the Real Answer

Bondman60 Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 11:20 AM
Nobody here gives GOP over-spending a pass. You have set up a straw man, vlanzi. And your attack on successful Americans exposes you as a class warfare moron. If wealthy people, who are the only ones who can afford beachfront property, could not get flood insurance, the beachfronts would be empty, and the local property tax receipts would suffer, hurting the 99% you support.
The final debate between President Obama and Gov. Romney won't likely change the course of the election with barely more than a week to go, but one sticking point in the debate -- U.S. policy toward Iran -- could well change hopes for peace in the world.

Although the president touted economic sanctions against Iran as the best way to stop the rogue nation from its quest for nuclear weapons, he has, from the onset of his 2008 campaign, put great faith in his own power to negotiate a solution with the mullahs. In 2008, he famously said that he...