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North Korea's Wakeup Call

Bondman60 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 11:16 AM
This assumes enough of our command and control survives the EMP attack to authorize an effective response. AFAIK, little has been done to harden our C & C structure against EMP attacks.
It should have been a loud wakeup call in December when North Korea successfully launched a three-stage rocket delivering a payload in orbit around the globe. This event was North Korea's boast that it now has basic intercontinental ballistic missile technology.

North Korea's test was a surprise to Americans, to the Obama administration and to Congress because its last couple of tests had been failures. More alarming was the fact that the launch was a surprise to our intelligence community, which didn't know the North Koreans had perfected this technology, and didn't anticipate a launch.

There should have been an immediate...