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Moderate Muslim: Not an Oxymoron

Bondman60 Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 1:38 PM
Islamic leaders, weather preaching violent jihad or the patient, non-violent jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood, agree with Islamis teachings that obligate the faithful Muslim to act in order to bring about world-wide Islamic hegemony and universal sharia law. There is no room in Islam for the tolerance of other systems as equal to or superior to Islam. These leaders have been quite effective at silencing would-be reformers or modernizers. Just as there were many Germans who objected to the Nazi party in WWII, the objections of "moderate" Muslims are meaningless unless they can wrest control of the Islamic world from the mullahs. This is very unlikely.
Lars Hedegaard is a Danish journalist who has made his name denouncing Islam, which he describes as "a totalitarian system of thought" whose adherents "rape their own children." Last month, someone showed up at his door with a gun and fired a shot that missed him.

It's just what you would expect of those crazy Muslims, isn't it? Except that in the aftermath, Hedegaard found Muslims across Denmark were conspicuously un-crazy. They did not applaud the assailant or excuse his motives. Instead, they condemned the attack and upheld Hedegaard's freedom to preach unhinged bigotry.

One group even rallied in Copenhagen to disavow such...