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Isaiah 53:3 does not explicitly mention Jesus. Whether it refers to Jesus or not is a matter of interpretation, and interprestations vary by tradition and faith.
Yup. And those quotes are accurate. Of course, the Muslims will tell you you are taking them out of context. Perhaps, but then, so is ISIS, CAIR, the Muslims Brotherhood, AQ, Hamas, Hizbollah, et. al.
Islam defines peace as a time when Islam has hegemony over the entire world, and all people in it submit to Islam (Islam means "submission"). Tolerated minorities, Jews and Christians, will be allowed to live, provided they submit to the requirements placed upon them by Islamic law. Until then, there can be no peace. Keep this in mind when you hear Muslims speaking about peace.
If they are taught the Koran within the normative Islamic context, yes.
Meh. Hawkins needs to read up on the many forms of jihad other than violent. Many, although not all, of the "moderate" Muslims Hawkins wants to support use the Muslim Brotherhood approach to jihad - gradualism. Just like the frog in the pot, if the heat is raised ever so slowly, the frog will sit still and boil. And so, the Muslim Brotherhood, now infiltrated into nearly every aspect of our country, is slowly raising the flame under the pot. By the time people like Hawkins figure it all out, we will already be a de facto Islamic Republic, just like much of Europe before us.
Israeli nukes are no more of a threat to its neighbors than U.S. nukes are a threat to peaceful nations. The failure of George Bush was in not distinguishing, for the U.S. public, why India or France can safely have nukes, but Iran cannot. Just as with the gun control crowd, it is not the weapons that are the threat, but the intentions of the one possessing those weapons.
Good grief. Is Barkoukis not aware that Iran benefits from focusing attention on ISIS instead of Iran's own sponsorship of terrorism and its nuclear program? Iran is setting us up - by claiming to be helping the U.S., Iran is tryiong to get us to let our guard down, and see them as a non-threat. Meanwhile, the Iranian centerfuges spin furiously, and the Iranian nuclear and ICBM programs are moving ahead full steam. Are we seriously going to take security assistance from the Islamic Republic of Iran?
Okay, so Iran, who stands to benefit from focusing on ISIS instead of its own nuclear ambitions, claims that ISIS is the real threat, not Iranian nukes. Sorry. This does not pass the smell test. If we are going to rely on Iran for our security intel, we are in big, big trouble.
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A Prayer for 5775

Bondman60 Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 3:09 PM
The discussion in the Knesset at that time focused on the boatloads of Jews escaping from the Nazis in WWII. They were turned away from every port, including the U.S. Ultimately, they returned to Europe and were exterminated by the Nazis. The Knesset decided, therefore, that Israel must admit at least some of the Vietnamese boat people.
OMG! Two idiots who know all they need to know about the international conspiracy of the JOOOZZZZ because they read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion! Now, both of you, go iron your brown shirts for the basement Hitler Youth rally.
So, David296 is suggesting that the total Israeli defense budget is under $7 billion? Nice try.
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