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Yes, Loisloser. America "does enough" for Israel, like micromanaging home building so that many Israelis can't afford a home, Arabs get to build illegal structures without any permits, and Israel's sworn terrorist enemies receive billions of taxpayer dollars that are used to buy weapons, build terror tunnels, and assemble missiles, all with the aim of killing as many Jews as possible. Obama has repeatedly humiliated Israel's freely elected leader, emboldening Israel's enemies to strike at Israel and kill more women and children, knowing that Obama will eventually insist on prisoner releases of Arab terrorists, and more "difficult sacrifices for peace" from Israel, but never from Obama's Arab buddies. Now, America will ensure that Iran, who has referred to Israel as a cancer that must be removed, gets nuclear weapons. Indeed, Loisloser, America has done quite enough for Israel.
That may be your stupidest post yet. And that's saying a lot, Loisloser.
Oh, Loisloser? And what war has Israel NOT fought on its own? You do realize that Israel would have struck Iran, on its own, several years ago had Obama not threatened Israel with severe ramifications for the U.S.-Israel relationship if it acted, right? I am not a huge Netanyahu fan, but somebody needs to be an adult an expose what is really happening in Iran, what Iran's plans are – for the United States – and how dangerous a nuclear Iran will be for the entire world. It might surprise you, but while Netanyahu does not wish to be the Prime Minister who presides over Israel's nuclear annihilation, he also values Israel's friendship with America, and does not wish to see America harmed, either. But that's hard for a JOOO-hater like you to comprehend, I guess.
Much of that comes from Islamo-pandering. Obama has set the tone for the Democrats, and that tone is one of elevating Muslims at home and abroad to a special, superior status over other people. The "join 'em, rather than fight 'em" herd mentality that afflicts Democrats has kicked in. Hating Jews just comes with the territory when you are kissing Muslim butts.
+1, traitorbill. Iran is developing ICBMs that can reach the U.S. Iran does not need ICBMs to hit Israel. Medium range rockets, which it has long possessed, can do that. But Iran is building ICBMs anyway. But I am sure there is nothing to worry about. Now, who's on American Idol tonight?
Here's a news flash for BHO: Many of the ISIS fighters *left good jobs* to join ISIS. What does that tell you?
IMHO, Obama sees Iran getting nuclear weapons as a means to "right the wrongs" of America's "colonialist" past. It puts Iran, at least in some ways, on the same level as America, further reducing America's status as superpower, a position Obama despises and seeks to end.
Communists hate Israel because Israel represents many things communists hate. Israel strongly identifies with its religious heritage, history and the bible. Jews generally have strong respect for the elderly and strong family bonds. All of those things are obstacles for communism, which, like all Leftism, must separate children from their families in order to indoctrinate them, and break the transmission of traditional values from one generation to the next. Also, as Israel moves gradually away from socialism and towards free-market capitalism, Israel's economic success is a thorn in the side of Statists and Socialists everywhere.
Hey, americathebeautiful, some of loisnumerouno's best friends have friends who have some friends that might be Jewish. I'm sure she loves at least some of the Jews. Six million of them, give or take.
Tehran, I would think.
Ah, nothing like a liberal mugged by reality, is there?
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