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America's Fundamental Transformation

Bondman60 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 12:29 PM
Actually, I think this process started a full century ago, with Wilsonian Progressivism. With amazing dedication, the Left stuck to their game plan, winning with Social Security, Medicare, an activist SCOTUS, an embedded free education system that tore children away from the values of their parents, entitlements without limit, class warfare, unchecked illegal immigration and now Obamacare. They really have won. Until a major catalyst occurs (financial, an attack on a major city, natural disaster, etc.), we will kick the can until there is a viable alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency. Right now, there is nothing close to the dollar, as bad as it is.

Timing is everything in politics. For four years, I angered conservatives by insisting Barack Obama would get reelected. I figured that an electorate willing to elect a man with ideas and a record that far to the left in 2008 would do so again. I began changing my view, however, after the first presidential debate. Over the last three or four weeks, I became confident that Mitt Romney would defeat Obama.

Fortunately for Obama, two forces intervened to rescue him. One was the mainstream media, which ensured that Benghazi, Hurricane Sandy, and the increase in the