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Christie the Prophet

bonbon5 Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 6:00 PM
Kudos Michael - I would be so embarassed to take money from others for my own support - Some people don't mind. They make it a way of life. When someone takes anothers earnings with a gun, it's called robbery. When they allow the government ro do it, its called welfare. I'm telling you niether is fare. The Bible tells us that one is entitled to his own wages

New Jersey governor Chris Christie recently warned that America is in danger of becoming a country of “people sitting on the couch waiting for their next government check.” Predictably, the Left was outraged, but Governor Christie wasn’t far off the mark.

During the 2011 debate over raising the debt ceiling, President Obama reminded Americans that the federal government sends out 70 million checks every month. That is probably an underestimate. According to the Washington Post, the president’s number included Social Security, veterans’ benefits, and spending on non-defense contractors and vendors, but not reimbursements to Medicare providers and vendors or electronic...