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Using Earth’s Blessings To Better Mankind and Planet

bolier3000m Wrote: May 14, 2012 5:48 PM
Let's not be hasty. We just have empirical evidence, the sidewalk, that things under the sun dry up. There is nothing about what that PROCESS is. To stop drying we need to block the sun. Don't go confusing the issue.

Although he has rarely been willing to discuss or debate energy or environmental issues with those who do not share his views, environmentalist David Suzuki frequently challenges them on other grounds. In his recent article, “Religious Right is wrong about climate change,” Suzuki claims that some US and Canadian scientists hold religious views that are anti-science.

Suzuki asserts that some climate scientists – including me, by name – put “misguided beliefs above rational thought.” His implicit assumption is that conservative Christian views are irrational and incompatible with science, and that I have replaced Almighty God with the “almighty dollar,” believing...