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Myths We Live By

bolier3000m Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 10:19 AM
Mr Stossel is entirely correct and yet the smart move was to purchase the uniforms from a US manufacturer. This tempest in a teapot was entirely foreseeable and therefore avoidable. (Though I have to wonder if there was some governmental non-discriminatory regulation. that forces the purchase from a low bidder - chomp on that thought Mr. Free Market)
Let's not be hasty. We just have empirical evidence, the sidewalk, that things under the sun dry up. There is nothing about what that PROCESS is. To stop drying we need to block the sun. Don't go confusing the issue.
Frank, It is not Hypocritical. It does show, however, a complete and embarassing failure to get our leadership to behave responsibly. I can see how you might view this as hypocritical. I guess I just don't like being lumped together with the people who keep voting the big spenders into office.
Exactly, and the worse the Nannycare, sorry ,gov't option is, the more companies that want top talent will need to continue to provide a private option. In fact, if all companies all of a sudden flocked to the gov't option, (they can because everyone else is) I see a massive, classaction collusion law suit being filed.
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