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Right on target, Nice little opinion piece on education and then ADD Ron loses focus and includes foreign and monetary policy as part of the solution. There are lots of people that agree with him across the board but a lot of other people stopped reading right there. Ron may want to argue that we need to see how all these things are related but he really needs to focus his message.
As a pro-life person I appreciate knowing the tactics being used to slow or stop pro-life work. Nonetheless this article gave me a bit of a chuckle because it seems to "announce the discovery" that people who take the pro-choice/kill babies side disagree with us and are taking steps to stop our message. Further, we are actually working to close abortion clinics. And finally - we are the good guys and they are the bad guys. Love the reporting - more of that please. Blinding insights into the obvious - well... it was kinda fun to read.
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The Better Option

bolier3000m Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 3:25 PM
And it seems easy to apply the lesson of this simple example to health care. Yet I know people that are so distrustful of business they actually trust gov;t more. I can hear them: - "No - without gov't there will be nothing but unsafe rust-buckets being driven by murderous ex-cons to take you from the airport to the city" With gov't programs failing everywhere - somehow, someway, they believe a private, business solution will be worse.
OPEC is flooding the market? Not all that long ago the US was the third largest producer of oil. We passed Russia a couple of years ago and now new sources report we are number 1 (Woo Hoo!) In the face of this increase in production, Saudi Arabia, much to the dismay of its OPEC partners, had decided not to decrease its production to prop up the price. As the low cost supplier it has decided to let the price drop, presumably to drive out those who have to pay more to get the oil out of the ground (Like Russia, Venezuela, and to a lesser extent ,the US). I am not a big OPEC fan but I am hard pressed to blame them for the glut of oil on the market. I think this is great. The US economy and the American consumer needs this. Every sector of our economy with the possible exception of BIg Oil (OK and "green" initiatives)_ will benefit. Maybe we will even stop converting food into fuel and food prices can drop as well. Yes, China is and will be an issue but they were going to get oil regardless.
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Paul Ryan Has Answer for Ferguson

bolier3000m Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 10:34 AM
Actually - ' .....teach a man to fish and he spends the summer in a boat drinking beer"
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Alcohol vs. Marijuana (Part 1)

bolier3000m Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 11:09 AM
More and more I am becoming a Stossel Libertarian. It was not until (I think) the thirties that there were any laws on what you could ingest or smoke. And I would be happy to return to those times IF... I don't have to pay for it. So when you can't get a job because you are always stoned. - no welfare for you - no food stamps for you - No (free) medical care for you and so on. But that's not our world. I don't know but i will bet that Obamacare says that once you are addicted to alcohol or drugs that you are (or can be) covered (on the tax- payers dime) for addiction treatment. So yes - legalize pot - but if your insurance rates go up because you are a smoker - that's the free market baby.
This is the second article i have seen on this and the topic should be discussed but it surprises me that neither article notes what the response of the interviewee was. Mr. Elder does not even bother to note that it was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. (the other article had a link to the video so you could see the answer) I realize that most commentators really like to hear themselves talk but on the way to their point I would expect to at least see either - Gov. Walker correctrly noted that ... or - Gov. Walker missed a golden opportunity to ... That said - lots of good points here. in the end - Republicans looking for a solution that works and Democrats looking to be nice so they can feel good about themselves..
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Ok Let's Have Open Carry on Campus

bolier3000m Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 11:44 AM
You have my enthusiastic Giddy-Up In the "Gun Free" Zone debate I am reminded of the phrase "shooting ducks in a barrel" to refer to something that is easy to do. (the ducks are defenseless and trapped and therefore easy to shoot) . So it mystifies me that Libby312 does not worry about mass shootings when school policy says you must be a duck in a barrel.
Hurray for Cruz Also - on your use of Verbiage - Stop it! (Unless it was your intent to disparage the petition) World English Dictionary verbiage ('v??b??d?) — n 1. the excessive and often meaningless use of words; verbosity 2. rare diction; wording
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