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Cliff, if you ever read the history of the Democrat party from Andrew Johnson to the present you'd never vote for a Democrat again. Check out "Black Yellow Dog" and learn.
Sarah Palin endorsed two of the candidates that Mitch McConnell is trying to "crush", Ben Sasse in Nebraska and Chris McDaniel in Mississippi. Palin isn't afraid to stand up to the party bosses in Washington and she's been a strong and effective ally in the effort to elect principled leaders. The mainstream media says her endorsements are irrelevant, but if that were true they wouldn't spend so much time talking about them. What happened to you Ann???????
What you mean "we", rino? The only "extreme position" on abortion is abortion itself.
Elvis done left the building. Mitt and McCain (read "LOSERS!") were foisted on us by the rino establishment. Not one conservative I knew wanted those bums. We're not going to let that happen again. Didn't you watch the debates when Romney took a dive? In the first one, he revealed obama for what he is, an empty chair. Thereafter, he clammed up and let obama talk his amateurish bull-s. aimed at the young and ignorant.
I'll assume you're just a liar, georgy, since no one (not even a democrat) is that stupid.
Putting Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court was a betrayal of monumental proportions.
"...who cares about military spending"? Conservatives and a lot of veterans who vote. What in the H happened to Ann? Between Ann, McConnell, McCain, O'Reilly and "Mr. Rove', who needs Democrats? The Tea Party is the only hope this country has and these people have declared themselves their greatest enemy. The best thing McCain ever did was introduce Sara Palin. You should give her a call, Ann.
Yep, and they're passing a law to make it legal for felons to vote.
The practical solution is for Americans to stop killing their babies and stop voting for Democrats.
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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

boldaq Wrote: Jan 25, 2014 10:36 AM
Wendy Davis = The Face of the Culture of Death. Can you imagine anyone in their right mind clamoring for the "right" to kill healthy, fully formed human beings in the womb? You poor sick and twisted woman.
Conservatives?? Ha! Nothing but left wing clap trap on that site, brigand.
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