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Is There a Republican Alternative to Obamacare?

bogia Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 1:21 PM
You go to the head of the class. Our governments at every level have focused on creating dependency to justify their bloated bureaucracies. The massive mess we have was created by the dependency pimps. More of the same is not the solution. Human nature has not changed since the cave man. Greed and envy is just as prevalent in the "so called" poor as in the "rich." Our Founding fathers understood that and designed a constitution that protected rights and allowed people to create their own success. They also believed in a moral code that held that neighbors in need were the responsiblity of those who could help, not the government. Repeal the 16th amendment and let neighbor help each other. That is the only magic bullet.

Just about every Republican candidate for office in the country is an unabashed opponent of ObamaCare. But if they get rid of the Democrat's health reform law, what would they replace it with?

Some critics claim that the GOP only knows what it's against when it comes to health policy. They have no positive agenda for solving the problems of rising costs, inadequate quality and, for many, lack of access to care.

But the critics are wrong. There is a Republican health plan. And it's even more radical and more progressive than ObamaCare! What is it? It's the health reform...