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For a conservative to win an election, the candidate must: 1) beat the liberal candidate, 2) beat the voter fraud by the liberal campaign, 3) beat the media bias for the liberal candidate. Those are the rules and have been for quite some time. It's no different than in the NFL: to win, you have to beat your opponent, you have to beat the officials, and you have to beat bad luck. That's just the way it is.
Poor Chelsea Whats-her-name. She implies blythely that she had to abort 20 years ago presumably for a couple VERY valid reasons. First, the society of 20 years ago (remember 1992?) would NEVER have accepted a single woman with a mixed race son. Second, being PUNISHED with a child would have put an abrupt end to the iconic career of Chelsea Whats-her-name. Where would we all be then? Kinda makes you wonder about the bravery of our current President's mother while contemplating the birth of a mixed race son 51 years ago.
You're right. First, exploitation of children in that bizarre singing video. Now, make-believe nursing home residents who supposedly represent our elders' generation. I would be entirely mortified if I was a Democrat senior and saw this.
As Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers movies described the "pretty standard" childhood punishment he received for being insolent - namely, being "placed in a burlap sack and beaten mercilessly", so, too should the producers of this abominal video of children condemning their parents receive a good whoopin'. It is so typically Left to indoctrinate children against their parents (see Cambodia, Nazi Germany, North Korea). It is truly the ploy of a desparate regime. May they fail miserably.
Candy, It's not your job to determine the accuracy of each candidate's statements. Your job is to simply give each a chance to speak. They are to stand on their own 2 feet during the exchange. Neither of them needs your interference. It is up to us, the viewers, to determine the veracity of each man's statements. Your interruption and interjection during the Benghazi exchange gave one side (Obama's) an affirmation which distorted the dynamic of the moment. And by the way, what's the deal with the audience of "undecided voters" applauding when Candy stepped in on Benghazi.
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Behind the Benghazi Cover-up

boccepaul Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:07 AM
What makes this cover up infuriating is that it uses the tired, familiar leftist theme of "It's America's fault". The administration's lie perpetuates another lie, namely that the U.S. (and the West in general) is responisible for all the suffering in the world. Our filthy culture and decadent YouTube cesspool have defiled the glorious faith of Islam - again! Face facts America - it's your fault they hate and kill you! The cover up is always worse than the crime, so I hope and pray the truth is revealed and comes home to roost heavily on the Obama administration BEFORE November 6.
As I viewed last night's vice presidential debate I felt I was watching "How Stuff Works" vs. "Antiques Road Show". Ryan's fact-filled, dispassionate presentation of the issues offered a stark contrast to Biden's flailing, clownish display. One gets the idea that Biden's debate coach was mug-a-minute comic actor Jim Carrey, while Ryan's placid and patient countenance suggests he was channeling Blessed Mother Teresa. I thought a couple times on the split screen I actually saw Ryan gazing across the table with pity for his tired, clueless opponent. Biden uses a buggy whip to lash the bulkheads of Air Force 2, confident that he can make it go faster. Pathetic.
Hilarious. "Hello, I'm Richard and I pick up Mitt Romney's trash." "H-e-l-l-ooo, Richard..." Sounds like some sort of AA meeting for civil servants. What a tool this individual is. The premise of an ad like this is that anyone who serves a wealthy person is oppressed. Regardless that they serve for good compensation, by choice, and in the best working conditions anywhere in the world. To serve a wealthy person is to be a doormat. Please NASA, let's find a planet where all the leftists can go and create a utopia. Then they (and we) would all be so happy. Just kidding - they'd still be miserable.
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The Significance of Party Platforms

boccepaul Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 7:27 AM
When the Democrats were "debating" in Tampa whether to include God and Jerusalem in their platform, it amounted little more than picking out the curtains for a brothel. One can well imagine a barker outside the Dem Den of Ill Repute attempting to entice a sincere, well-intentioned, God-fearing Democrat to step inside, "Sure we've got God and Jerusalem in here, just look at the churchy curtains! Take a seat next to the abortionist and married gay couple. Hey, did you see the new curtains?" Platforms do tell us a lot about a party. In this case it tells the story of a party which cannot openly admit to itself its own state of utter moral decline. Let's hope enough people see the truth before it's curtains for us all.
Dennis, Brilliant!
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