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Cruze isn't satisfied with costing the American economy 24 billion and causing American business to start recalibrating their economic outlook for the last quarter of this year and first quarter of next year. As a senior who relies on Social Security and my investments I am not a big fan of putting my assets at risk everytime someone starts an ideological battle that hurts real people. At some point investors around the world are going to start seriously looking at other places to put their money than the United States. That would endanger our status of being the worlds reserve currency. If that were to happen you would be guaranteed to see a skyrocketing rise in interest rates and another serious recession. That helps no one.
Good first step but I don't trust Russia or Syria to actually follow through unless Putin really has come to his senses and understands that fanatical Islamic terrorism is as much a danger to Russia as it is to us. Russia is the only country that can get Assad to do anything since they are major trading partners and Russia provides Syria with all of their weaponry.
As long as the minimum wage does not exceed the rate of inflation than the economy would be positively impacted by an increase in the minimum wage. At the lower rungs, people spend almost all of their income and it increases GDP which benefits everyone. The $ 1.60 minimum wage in 1968, would be equivalent to almost $ 11.00 an hour today. The national minimum wage is insufficient and is a serious drag on our economy.
Yeah if Trayvon was white GZ would still have called the cops and then when told not to follow him did so anyway and then challenged him. I don't think so.
Too bad Trayvon is not around to give his version of events.
Rightfully so. If GZ had no gun, Trayvon Martin would still be alive.
A lot of suppositions there. He was a kid after all who was probably enjoying being out and about in a new neighborhood he had only been to once or twice before.
What percentage of whites in northern Florida are racist. They don't call it Southern Alabama for nothing.
SYG = self defense. The jurror who talked about the deliberations did mention SYG as an issue even though it wasn't supposed to be. Zimmerman also mentioned SYG. SYG is a bad law and needs to be repealed in all of the states that have it. All if does is encourage the killing of innocent people and then claiming self defense on SYG grounds.
You sound like one of those Islamic fundamentatlists.
I can't beiieve you think there are no hypocrites in the Republican party. That would be an impossibility.
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