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A lot of suppositions there. He was a kid after all who was probably enjoying being out and about in a new neighborhood he had only been to once or twice before.
What percentage of whites in northern Florida are racist. They don't call it Southern Alabama for nothing.
SYG = self defense. The jurror who talked about the deliberations did mention SYG as an issue even though it wasn't supposed to be. Zimmerman also mentioned SYG. SYG is a bad law and needs to be repealed in all of the states that have it. All if does is encourage the killing of innocent people and then claiming self defense on SYG grounds.
You sound like one of those Islamic fundamentatlists.
I can't beiieve you think there are no hypocrites in the Republican party. That would be an impossibility.
Maybe he was just emulating New Gingrich. If we took all of the lying cheating politicians out of Washington D.C., we would probably not have enough members to get a quorum.
A politician who is a hypocrite. I thought that was a prerequisite to run for political office.
As a result, in surveys that spell out the criteria immigrants may have to meet to become citizens, there is little difference in support among the three major partisan groups. They are within 11 percentage points of one another: 72 percent of Republicans support a path to citizenship with multiple, specified requirements, as do 77 percent of independents and 83 percent of Democrats.
Those "people' are already here and the argument about unemployment is bogus. The same arguments were used against blacks, the Italians, the Irish, the Germans. The Brits were the only ones getting a free pass.
You must believe in self flaggelation and wasting taxpayer money. There is zero chance of any health care repeal getting through the Congress and by some miracle were that to happen Obama would veto it. We don't send people to Congress to waste time. We expect them to govern. Otherwise they should take up a different occupation.
You need to read the bill, they let Republican's put in a lot more B-1 Visas.
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