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Gov. Walker's Union Law Emerges From Federal Court Mostly Intact

bobyoung Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 10:57 PM
Again you fail to mention the current abuses by most unions of the dues they collect. Historically unions were a force for good, but all of the legitimate protections unions fought for are already federal and state law, and the union is no longer needed to protect the members from abusive corporations. They are a parasite on the workers. They are parasites on America. Right to work laws are an attempt by the American public to return balance to the union/management equation. I do know the history of unions, and I just want fairness for the workers.

Act 10, the Wisconsin law requiring that unions recertify every year through an absolute majority vote and removing collective bargaining privileges has survived a challenge in federal court. A federal judge struck down the ban on collecting voluntary union dues through payroll deductions and the requirement that unions recertify annually. These parts were struck down because they didn't apply to public safety unions, such as police or firefighter unions. The heart of the law remains:

MADISON — A federal judge on Friday upheld most of Gov. Scott Walker's controversial collective bargaining law but struck down parts of...