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Got Racism?

bobyoung Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 1:12 PM
Yes, and you are delusional as are the republicans if they or you think Biden will utter one word or phrase he wasn't given by the Obama team and that wasn't scripted. Just to make it more fair, they chose a radical leftist feminist with personal and long standing ties to the president as the moderator who will only ask the questions provided by the Obama campaign. I'm also sure she will do her best to help the campaign To keep him from saying anything that isn't scripted.

Liberal racism sightings have become like a lunatic's version of "Where's Waldo?" Kevin Baker of Harper's magazine says Romney's referring to his "five boys" in last week's debate was how he "slyly found a way" to call Obama a "boy." Says Baker: "How the right's hard-core racists must have howled at that!"

MSNBC's Chris Matthews says the word "apartment" is racist because black people live in apartments. He also says the word "Chicago" is racist because -- despite its well-known reputation as the home of Al Capone and the Daley machine -- a lot of black people live there,...