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Eddie Haskell Brooks

bobyoung Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 10:23 AM
I guess he lives in the Joe Scarborough wing of the Republican party. They never seem to have left the country club and still think they represent the people, but we're just not smart enough to join their club. They are truly the Country Club liberal Republicans, and they prove it daily.
So basically you are ok with the president defying the constitution and detaining American citizens without cause. You have definitely stepped over to the fascist side of the democrat party. Sadly, 90% of democrats are there waiting for you. "There is no god but Obama and Holder is his messenger." That is the required statement of affirmation required at all democrat functions if I remember what I saw during the convention correctly.
The vast majority of thinking humans are praying you're wrong, and unborn generations will condemn you and those like you if he wins.
Do now you get your paycheck from the DNC and pretend to be someone else. No one who paid taxes all their lives and then were permitted to get part of the money they paid in to the government back to assist them at a time of need would be offended by Romney's correct statement that many pay no taxes and therefore don't care how high the rate is for the rest of us. The person you are pretending to be knows that Romney wasn't talking about hard working taxpayers who were down on their luck because they don't see it as an entitlement. They see it as getting back what they paid for. If I'm wrong about you, then I feel so for you and that you have gone from being a proud producer to being someone who feels the world owes them something.
Congratulations, that is the winner for most inane comment of the day. A slow kindergarten student could have come up with a better response. Now, slowly turn around and go back down to the basement and leave mommy's computer alone, and be sure you have your helmet on before you attempt the stairs without mommy's hand to hold.
Why should he worry about them? They're already being taken cAre of. It is the middle class that needs our government's attention, not those who are already getting a free ride.
That's the explanation for the noon programs.
None, anyone with the ability to think has already decided to vote for ABO, and the people supporting Obama are not capable of being reached by reality or the truth.
No, you are making an inaccurate reference to a man who doesn't deserve it. Your reference should be to Richard Millhouse Obama
So let me get this straight. It's now ABCDNC, CBSDNC, NBCDNC, MSNBCDNC, CNNDNC, NPRDNC, and NPRDNC? If we had real truth in labeling laws, that would be the way they would have to advertise.
According to Obama he quit smoking. According to Obama he's one of the greatest presidents in American history, maybe third or fourth. Why would anyone believe him?
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