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Ann forgot to mention the "fiscal" genius, Paul Ryan and John McCain... What happens when more manual labor intense jobs become automated or Robotics do them? Then what?? Many more unskilled people on the Govt assistance.. This is not good...
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We've Been Played

bob sledd Wrote: Sep 12, 2013 11:13 AM
This is a Proxy war between the SUNNIS (backed by Saudi Arabia) and the Shiites (backed by Iran) We have no need to be involved Cal. Let "them" sort it out, and we should wish them much success, BOTH Sides. The Rebels are Al Qaeda or other Jihaids. Hezbollah is on Sytia's side. We would be NUTZ to get involved and we could actually kick off WW III It's probably best to ring fence the problem by beefing up support to Turkey,Israal and Lebanon and HOPE it stays contained. We have made a mess of Libya and Egypt, and whereas once Iraq had hope it is now muddied. Our track record of "Change" has not been good.
The RINOS are in the tank for businesses that want tomexploit cheap labor. When in doubt,follow the're instincts are likely correct
Exactly what are the Republicrats doing for us? They hold the purse strings... They have yet to defund Obamcare They failed to provide oversight with the IRS as they went after political targets They failed to provide oversight of the GSA as they threw million dollar shindigs, as did thenIRS And they are complicit in opening the country to 11 to 20 million(for now) illegals whomhave taken low skilled and entry level jobs, while we have a 15% plus unemployment rate in the Black Community, and underemployed college graduates with a Trillion dollars in student loans, and who also want to bring in H1B visa applicants to compete with these new college graduates... How are the Republicrats helping our citizens and our country?
Why the world....should "we" the American people....have to incur a "cost"anyway? Are you suggetsint we needto reunite with South America as East and West GERMANY did? You know...actual GERMANS???
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The Dark Side of Diversity

bob sledd Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 1:09 PM
We have seen a very,very few...William Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn, Timothy McVeigh, and the BLA....easily handled domestically... This Jihadism will be impossible to contain once they achieve a critical mass INSIDE the US. A moratorium on all 3rd world peoples, especially from Muslim lands..Anything else is inviting more attacks. It is difficult enough to deal with them overseas, never mind at home. Also...end all financial assistance. We are broke ourselves
Well stated Raymond (ret). That sums it all up...when you find yourself in a hole...stop digging
You are 100% correct
You are 100# correct.
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bob sledd Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 12:32 PM
It is hard enough to battle them overseas. We need to STOP importing people from Jihadi countries.. I for one, would welcome a ban on that. If we dont, we will continue to be at risk, and given enough time, the 3 rd world will become our world. Why we choose to educate foreign students at our elite Universities, when those very Universities turn away highly qualified American kids ( white,green ,black red and all colors and creeds) is nutty.
I think what I am trying to say is this... be fully prepared to defend yourself. If #2 got into a house, he had YOU hostage, unless you were armed yourself, then he was dead.. f you are unarmed , now you have him holding you hostage, and armed para military officers outside who may, albeit accidentally, kill you in an assault. By nature, the police almost always, need to be called to react to a crime. In rare cases like Boston, or New Orleans, if you are armed, you can protect yourself. if not, you are a potential victim.
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