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I was a police officer in a NJ City. Mr Historian. Starting in 1974. Nothing has changed.. I beg your pardon..Things have changed for inner city residents. Things have gotten worse... People who lived in abject poverty 40 years ago are still living in abject poverty..... Sheez... Maybe you could come down off your lofty perch and take a ride thru Jersey City,Newark,Camden,Detroit,Baltimore,Oakland and see for yourself.
The Repubs should erect this billboard in every city.... You have voted Democrat For the last 50 years And NOTHING has changed for you. Or something o that effect
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White People Be Playing the Race Card

bob sledd Wrote: May 22, 2014 5:41 PM
It is ideas,ideology and accomplishments.. That is why there is tremendous support and admiration from Conservatives and many Libertarians I would imagine, for Dr Carson, Allen West and Comdi Rice, to name names. They have an actual track record of accomplishment. They understand what Consevatives understand. It if liberty,freedom, and the power of the individual to take responsibility and make something out of themselves. Buffoons like Ockefeller and Crist have no game , and must race bait and intentionally try to divide Americans. That is a tired old game and that dog just won't hunt any longer.
I have children in college. Is it asking too much that they just be educated in Math, Science, Literature, and just mind their own business? Do they have to be subjected to all this nonsense? Very very expensive nonsense?
They pay fees...ranchers and oil companies, pay fees to the Federal Govt. as for Mr Bundy, his family has been there since 1870, long before many American families emigrated here. Exactly why should he pay fees for land he has been grazing on for 143 years, in scrub brush no one gives a rats rear end about? This is just another example of the Federal govt getting in the pocket of productive citizens. There used to be 53 ranching families in the are, now it's down to his, due to these exorbitant fees. Have you checked the price of beef at the store? There is an economic coincidence between LESS RANCHERS and Higher Prices.
The government, and Politicans and Adminsitrators routinely flaunt the law and they wonder when citizens say enough? We have immigration laws that this Administration has said it will not enforce. Charlie Rangel, he of the House way s and means committee that writes lax law, decided he would not report his taxes accurately.Ditto fo Tsy Secretary Tim Geithner, head of the IRS , who also did not lawfully report his taxes. the thugs who intimidated voters in Philadelphia got a pass. Lois Lerner appears to at least be getting cover from the Feds, Obamacare was rammed down our throats with funny business in Nebraska and Louisiana and now, the Executive, the guy who is supposed to execute laws, unilaterally changes them at his whim.. .Mr Bundys family has been on this land since the 1870s and now, the BLM, created in the 1990s, seeks to apply endangered species laws for a tortoise that survived herds of bison trampling them for centuries? A the point of a gun and with little men with big dogs? We are a Nation built in the Rule of Law. The government cannot enforce only those laws they deem politically expedient or convenient.
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What Would Reagan Do?

bob sledd Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 7:49 PM
I believe we funded and trained the Mujahadeen, NOT the Taliban. To connect Reagan, who left office in 1988 with the Taliban in the late 90's and Bin Laden in 1993 and then 2001 is a bit of a stretch.Once Bin laden began his shenanigans (on Clintons watch) there were ample opportunities to take him out. Reagan was undoubtedly the best President in my 58 years, no one is remotely close. he took down the Soviet Union freeing millions, he cuts taxe and regulations and unleashed the American Machine, which rocked for 25 years. Ronald Reagan is a Western icon and is beyond reproach. It's a rough and nasty world and he did what he needed to do
Well said. For what my 2 cents are worth.
Who knows? They must speak a different language at Harvard and Columbia...O is the genius who refers to Pakistan in PACK...ISTAN. as POCKYSTON right? What an alternate. Universe these ivy leaguers inhabit
If we really want to hurt the Russian oligarchs we should have them join ObamaCare
I think to cast a voters to where your tax dollars will be spent, you need to 1st actually be a taxpayer... People who get free stuff will vote for more free stuff. Those who pay...the taxpayer....mill make sure his or her dollars are being well spent.
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