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Just to put this in perspective...remember the female soldier that was charged with "in human treatment of prisoners" for putting women's panties on some of these camel jockeys heads and taking pictures of them???? And the POS pseudo-president came out saying "we have abused our enemies". Yet, an American is beheaded, and the best he can come up with is, "if it happened...then we're appalled??? This lying sack of donkey dung is the lowest form of primate...I swear!
I sat with an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi at a Tea Party Celebration after the 2010 elections. I asked him why Jews in America continually vote Democratic. His response was interesting. Basically, he said it was because Jews in America have given up their Hebrew faith for the religion of Liberalism.
That's 300 and 50 bills....passed by the House.
There are there hundred and fifty bills sitting on Harry Reid's desk that he refuses to bring before the Senate for a vote. Last time I checked...ol' Harry was a Democrat! So, blame the GOP all you want, but any thinking person knows the truth. Of course, we avoid the Socialist/Communist Koolaid.
Honest to God- he is like a little child with chocolate all over his face that, when confronted about eating all the cookies, denies it! We infant brat leader incapable of taking responsibility for anything!
The GOP has a tendency to shoot itself in the foot. Or, at least that is what I used to think. Then I realized it is by design. The leadership of the GOP are just fine with being the minority heads...as long as they are included as leadership of something. I am a firm believer there is no difference between Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi. There is no difference between John McCain and Joe Biden. They are all in this together, and unless the American people wake up soon, and decide to do something about it, these scoundrels all plan on destroying America. I see the Tea Party faithful as a last stand position!
It's already been shown the bombing is a facade staged by the Obama Team. Rumble and growl a little and the low-information voter says, "See, he is doing something!" It's all smoke and mirrors folks! Believe me, these bombs are being dropped with surgical precision to protect Obama's ISIS brothers. And, then it's off to the links.... What a piece of donkey dung this lowlife is.
But, it won't be fair! Read a few pages of Agenda 21. The American people will bear the financial burden for the rest of the world. Globalist talk a great line about equality, but there is none.
News gets to the White House about this and what does Obama do? I'm sure he thinks, "Good, now I can spend the money we paid him on more insurgences crossing the Mexican border! Does he make a statement about this General being killed? Of course not! He has one of his peon workers grab his golf bag and off to the links he goes! The man is an embarrassment to America. He hates us and is trying his best to destroy us. His disdain for the military is overwhelming!
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