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Why do I get the feeling this pope spits up pea soup and has his head spin 360 degrees when he's off camera? He probably levitates off his bed at night for entertainment. His rhetoric normally follows the lines of rebuking the Bible and caving to everything the Libs propose....did a moment of sanity overtake him?
In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan: "Well, there you go again!" The reason America is in the shape it's in is because the status quo continues to prevail. We had Bushes....two of them...!!! And, though they tried their best they, too, contributed to the mess we are now in. Jeb Bush is even more undesirable in my opinion. Romney had is shot, and decided to play "mister nice guy" and not call a spade a spade. No pun intended. Boehner, McCain, McConnell, Graham and the rest of the RINOS are every bit as traitorous as Obama. You want to avoid a bloodbath? Put some candidates out there that actually represent us and not their own self-interests! They waffled and wavered on Obamacare, they buckled on amnesty, they ignored the ever increasing 18+trillion dollar deficit nightmare, they'll buckle on Common Core, they buckled on protecting the border, they buckled on standing up to Obama at every juncture. Now, the question to ask is...what was their motive? It certainly wasn't because they listened to the American people.
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Polls: Obama Approval Rating Rebounding?

BOBNIP Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 5:25 PM
They are trying to sell us on the concept that Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney are our best bet for beating Hillary.What a crock!
Rick....who paid you? You are a "has been" politician with a chance in hell of ever getting elected again. So, someone has dredged you up to throw bombs at the strength of the GOP? Shut the hell up and climb back under the rock from which you slithered. If you think your rhetoric will help Boehner get another RINO elected you're sadly mistaken. We're tired of the RINOs caving to Obama's every whim. We are keeping track of you traitors to America and you will be dealt with accordingly.
Dennis Jett seemed to have no qualms about injecting lies into his "journalism". No Weapons of Mass Destruction? Some were found and some were tracked to Syria. Nothing to do with 9/11? Hussein had made speeches saying he would attack America. That threat made them culpable. No connection to al-qaeda? Sorry, you Muslim scums...ISIS, Hamas, al-qaeda....you're all camel-humping slime that need to be eradicated from this world.
Oh, but wait...there must be some mistake! This couldn't possibly have been done by Islamo/Nazis!!! Right, Mr. Pseudo-President Marxist Muslim Chicago Thug? After all, Islam is the "religion of peace"...and I'm the President of Denmark!
This shows you a majority of Washingtonian politicians are corrupt, status quo, rip-off artists...both Demoncrat and Republican! They didn't get the message from this last election. It is time for a total house and Senate cleaning. When you have morons like Mitch McConnell saying we are "extremist far right" he will be doing everything to destroy... a state of war has been declared. McCain has said similar comments. Let's retire them to Kentucky and Arizona...where they belong with other cockroaches and leeches.
Schumer wants a veto because Keystone will create 43000 or more jobs. The Communist precept of keeping the peons dependent on government handouts is essential! Keeping us dependent on Middle Eastern oil is essential! The "greenies" being overly subsidized to continue the failed "energy efficiency lie" is essential! Just like de Blasio....Schumer needs to go find a nice rock to slither under.
Every American voter should read Peggy Noonen's book: "The Truth About Hillary" just to see what a slimeball scum bucket she really is. Remember, Peggy was on the inside looking out back in the days of BillyBoy, Monika, and all. Clinton won her seat as Senator for New York by being portrayed as the poor little wife, so terribly abused. They will try that again for her run for President.James Carville had it all mapped out.
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Bush, Romney, Cruz, Paul, Perry or ?

BOBNIP Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 11:37 AM
Damn Phil....I hope you're wrong! If Romney is the best the Republicans can do...We are doomed.
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