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If I were the Governor of Missouri I would demand from the grand jury 24 hrs notice before the ruling was announced. I would then mobilize the national guard and put Ferguson under "martial law". Then announce that rioters, looters, and any other "troublemakers" would be SHOT. Be it with rubber bullets or bean bag rounds. They want to "peacefully" protest, that's OK. But come sundown, the streets WILL BE CLEARED. ANY "instigators" of violence will be dealt with accordingly. If ANY firearms fire comes from the protestors, MOW THE MF'ers down! They want a "war", then GIVE THEM ONE!
"Retoactive" birth control would be good in this dumb kunts case.
Maye "$hitpoltle" should be going around to all these places where the "panhandlers" are hanging out and PASS OUT FREE FOOD? See how THAT affects their "bottom line".
One who OPENLY FLOUNTS his "illegality" needs to be put into an INS holding facility awaiting DEPORTATION. Let him know that if he re enters "illegally" he will be subject to EXECUTION.
Now that he is on "active duty" he can be CHARGED WITH DESERTION and face a General Court Martial. I hope they HANG THE SOB!
Like trying to "improve" a $hit sammich by changing the bread.
I recently looked into the CCP application process for the state of Illinois. I have a New York resident CCP, Utah non resident, and Florida non resident CCP holder. The process to just obtain the New York CCP is "exhaustive" and takes as much as 10 months for "scutiny" by the federal, state, and county agencies. To be blunt you have to "jump through your bung hole". The other non resident permits require fingerprints, photos, and criminal background checks. Compared to the previous, Illinois is like jumping through the described piece of anatomy, plus riding a unicycle while juggling 6 balls. THEY DON'T WANT TO ISSUE CCP's! They make the process SOOOO miserable people feel "I don't want to have to go through all that!"
"BO NER" would have made a better "House Janitor" than SOTH!
Cantor is "Boehner 2.0"
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