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UN Needs to Declare Earth Asteriod Free Zone

BobIsBob Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 1:10 PM
A Meteor is a 'shooting star'. if it hit's the ground it's then a meteorite. A meteor does no damage, so, no, praying for a shooting star for a President is not illegal, as no one is harmed. It's only a meteorite that could do damage. As for the current President, if he were hit by a meteorite, it would certainly make him famous. As a second term President, he is looking for how he will make his mark on History. No one in History has ever been killed by a meteorite, and only a few people have ever been hit by one. That would certainly make President Obama famous, but would probably be no more dangerous than being shot by a BB gun. We of course would not want to wish any physical damage to this or any other President, Right???

Conservatives dislike big government. Liberals dislike big business.
Let's find common ground.
When big business gets in bed with big government, the baby is ugly.

Gun violence is down over time. Mass shootings are down over time. But the authoritarian mindset cannot let bloodshed go to waste. They will come after your rights at any opportunity, and this is an opportunity.

It's up to us whether the freedom grab stands or drives a reaction and change.

If Puritanism is the fear that someone, somewhere might be having fun, then liberalism is the fear...