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The Lady Is Right -- Let's Keep Our Eye on the Ball

Bob from PA Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 12:20 PM
the key to Crossroads statement is "who can win". This means forget principles and standing up for your beliefs and why they will produce better results than the failures of socialism. Rather, it is find someone who can win even if that person only supports you a minority of the time. Meanwhile, the underlying constitutional message is forgotten for the sake of retiaining power. Got it.

It seems the Republican Party news is getting worse. This past fall, we suffered the defeat of our nominee for president. Based on the economic conditions, Republicans should have won. Many Republican pundits tagged Mitt Romney as the winner days before the election, talked about a possible landslide and were flabbergasted when he lost.

Yes, I said it would be a photo finish, but I digress.

Karl Rove, former senior adviser to George W. Bush and the architect of W.'s successful president runs, was so undone Election Night that he fought back on Fox News when it projected Obama would...