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New AFP Ad Targets Obama: “It’s Time to Stop the Hypocrisy”

Bob from PA Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 12:00 PM
It is part of transforming the US and the ends justify the means. The only principle the Reds have is to further their agenda at any cost and at any expense. Their charity for the poor is their moniker to retain power according to their will. Unfortunately, too many are letting him slither by and forgetting Ben Franklin's maxim on liberty and safety. We shall end up with neither.

Every once in a while the conservative grassroots movement will unveil a political advertisement that successfully exposes the utter hypocrisy and cynical tactics of the left. And Americans for Prosperity has done just that.

Throughout his first-term, it’s well known that The One continually demonized AFP -- a 501-C4, non-profit organization -- in part because they received funding from “big corporate donors” yet still obtained tax exempt status. What’s more, he suggested that they might even be “foreign controlled” or perhaps run by “big oil” and “the big banks.” We just didn't know, he argued. What we do know,...