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Feinstein: Goal is to Dry Up the Supply Of Weapons Over Time

Bob from PA Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 12:09 PM
Troubled---it does ot matter if she said "these" weapons. Her definition is so broad and she plays fast and loose with words that the end result wil be that "these" weapson means any gun. She seeks and wants a gun ban. Of course, she will have her armed guards but eh, she is more valuable than we peons.
TROUBLED_CALIFORNIAN Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 12:19 PM
sure fool. words don't matter.
Not to the UltraCon

So depending on how certain words are interpreted,

the second amendment means ONLY "well regulated MILITIA" can have weapons.

What's in a word, right?
Simplecaveman Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 12:22 PM
You seem to forget the part that states ".....the right of people to keep and bear arms...."
Jay Wye Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 1:08 PM
SCOTUS has ruled that the RKBA is an individual right(so it's "settled law"),and there is NO language in the 2nd that restricts the RKBA to militias,"well-regulated" or not.

Learn to read,or get an honest English teacher to help your parse the Second Amendment.
Jay Wye Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 1:10 PM
it doesn't matter anyways,because all the 2nd says about "well-regulated militias" is that they are necessary to the security of a free state,NOTHING more.

there's no language that restricts the RKBA to militias.
Instead,the 2nd CLEARLY says the "right of the PEOPLE",not "right of the militias".

Militiamen were expected to appear for muster bearing arms and ammo similar to and compatible with what the Regular military had in use AT THAT TIME.
Since we "compromised" and restricted ownership of full-auto,true assault rifles,that leaves the semi-auto versions for civilian militia use.

Surrounded by law enforcement officers, mayors, police chiefs, gun “safety” groups, Democratic legislators and a display of semi-automatic rifles and pistols, California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced her new gun control legislation today on Capitol Hill.

“This is a tough battle,” Feinstein said in her opening remarks. “Some of us have been working to reduce gun violence for decades.”

The event kicked off with Rev. Gary Hall preaching about gun violence to the cameras, a mix of church and state liberals typically frown upon unless it serves a certain political purpose.