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Publius has it right. He will create more unemployment to crerate more dependency on government thus ensuring more vote for Dems in the future. It is only when they get tired of ilving in chains that a George Washington, Adams, Jefferson, or in modern times a Lech Welesa will arise to help them remove those chains.
Kane, another incompetent for the position and a stooge for Obama who rode his coattails and the demise of Joe Paterno to win. Her real views show in all that she has done so far including this and failing to support PA's laws on marriage. The Keystone state used to be a good place to live and work but the tax environment and the inability to shake off the federal powers makes us more like California every day.
In Canada they have prosecuted pastors for traditional marriage. So, evolution says humans have developed as male and female which means scientifically, a male and female must have provided the best way to procreate and raise children. One could say society adopted this model by providing benefits for a man and woman marrying. So, the left opposes its own science.
The real question is how does one vote and act when given the chance for it to be meaningful such as when the GOP had the Presidency and the Congress? The Obamacare vote was an easy one becauset here was a veto proof congress. GOP for once had to take a stand. It is good he fought agsinst McCain Feingold but what happened under Bush? Expansion of government which lead to 2006 and the start of the Dem victory parades. He and the GOP snookered Obama. Not hard to do. Besides, economics told us GOP would be right. O thought the fed government would crash under sequester. He lost but won't make same mistake twice. I know there is no perfect candidate but if one can't stay "conservative" when given the majority, it is easy to be one when in the minority.
The fact this vote was so lcose shows the GOP still has work to do before its snatches victory form the jaws of defeat. I concede about 33% of the people are liberals and would vote for anyone if he or she had a D behind their name. However, we need to be above 50% of the vote to eliminate fraud which can be done if the right message is given.
Undeniable pattern. GOP under Bush moves left to curry favor with typical democrat voters hoping to gain them as voters. Dems in 2006 lie about their platform, claim to be fiscal convservatives, run to the right of the GOP and get elected. Dems then enact their true agenda and claim they are really for the people. GOP becomes the minority until the Tea Party bails them out to become majority in the House. This is exactly what happended in PA with Santorum and Casey. Casey sounded like a REPULICAN with cutting spending etc. What did expanding social programs and adopting No Child Left behind do? Nothing for the GOP except losing Congress and then the White House. How does the establishment repay the Tea Party? Attacks them like they are the enemy. Thanks GOP!!!
They have the freedom to vote. As they do the freedom of speech, religion, etc. Orwellian double speak at its best. What is scary is that many in the US fall for this same type of talk from King Obama. We havet he freedom to choose healthcare which gives us the freedom not to work. We have freedom of religion as long as it is not on public property. We have the freedom to protest our government as long as the Obama and IRS approves. We have the freedom to bitterly cling to our Second Amendment until Obama rules by fiat and issues an executive order. Wake up slaves!!! Liberty is slipping away.
Like Arlen Specter who was a democrat, then GOP and then when he wore out his welcome by being more liberal despite the R behind his name, he changed to D and lost in the D primary. I guess when you are a "maverick' or moderate, which really means you stand for nothing except to keep in power, eventually people figure it out.
If only the national GOP had the guts to take on the liberals and explain in ordinary language to the people why limited govenrment works and why the Costitution was as much an economic doctrine as a freedom document. See capital stays where it is welcome and this requires freedom which then leads to a better economy.
Hatred to have that ID to drive, purchase a firearm, or alcohol or cigarettes, etc. Hatred to protect the integrity of the ballot box. Yep, there's hatred and it is called Liberalism.
Remember when Obama's left wing minions ran and against Romney where the guy blamed Romney for his wife's cancer death? Nah, I didn't think the lefties would. They are good at coming up with sound bites even when false.
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