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The right side of history. Yeah, as if any society that has openly sanctioned gay weddings has survived.
So gays can be listed on birth certificates. Except for disregarding science, which liberals do frequently, how does a gay couple have children unless they cheat natural evolution and do it by in vitro. Even then it is still a male and female to create it. And how do they provide what evolution provided for by having a mother and father in the raising of children?
Anti-history and anti-science. Name a society that flourished with homosexuality. And evolution did not create homosexuality as a means for the species to survive. If the relationship was meant to be, evolution would have taken a different course.
Nothing new. I remember my teachers in the 1970s stating it was living. Anotjer example is the interstate commerce clasue. The liberals have turned this into the plain old "commerce clause" so they can regulate everything even intrastate commerce. If this is the case, why didn't the founders just state the feds could regulate all commerce? Elections and nominating the right people to the bench are important and the people need to wake up.
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The Troubles with Common Core

Bob from PA Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 12:23 PM
Santorum is correct but he highlights a problem with foremr establishment GOP persons. In 2012, Santorum stated on why he voted for No Child Left Behind, "You know, politics is a team sports, folks, and sometimes you've got to rally together and do something, and in this case I thought testing and finding out how bad the problem was wasn't a bad idea." He did it for the GOP establishment. How about elected people doing one for the constituents they represent? This retreat from a previous position merely to go along with the establishment and rise in the ranks is what has people angered. Meanwhile, let's push for eliminating common core and present a convincing argument why it should be eliminated. I hope Santorum is sincere in his current beliefs and is not saying so to further a future ambition.
It didn't hurt the Dems in 2012 so why any different for 11/2014? The government plantation dependents will only vote for the Dems no matter what.
Publius has it right. He will create more unemployment to crerate more dependency on government thus ensuring more vote for Dems in the future. It is only when they get tired of ilving in chains that a George Washington, Adams, Jefferson, or in modern times a Lech Welesa will arise to help them remove those chains.
Kane, another incompetent for the position and a stooge for Obama who rode his coattails and the demise of Joe Paterno to win. Her real views show in all that she has done so far including this and failing to support PA's laws on marriage. The Keystone state used to be a good place to live and work but the tax environment and the inability to shake off the federal powers makes us more like California every day.
In Canada they have prosecuted pastors for traditional marriage. So, evolution says humans have developed as male and female which means scientifically, a male and female must have provided the best way to procreate and raise children. One could say society adopted this model by providing benefits for a man and woman marrying. So, the left opposes its own science.
The real question is how does one vote and act when given the chance for it to be meaningful such as when the GOP had the Presidency and the Congress? The Obamacare vote was an easy one becauset here was a veto proof congress. GOP for once had to take a stand. It is good he fought agsinst McCain Feingold but what happened under Bush? Expansion of government which lead to 2006 and the start of the Dem victory parades. He and the GOP snookered Obama. Not hard to do. Besides, economics told us GOP would be right. O thought the fed government would crash under sequester. He lost but won't make same mistake twice. I know there is no perfect candidate but if one can't stay "conservative" when given the majority, it is easy to be one when in the minority.
The fact this vote was so lcose shows the GOP still has work to do before its snatches victory form the jaws of defeat. I concede about 33% of the people are liberals and would vote for anyone if he or she had a D behind their name. However, we need to be above 50% of the vote to eliminate fraud which can be done if the right message is given.
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