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I agree. Can't we just pay him to play golf until January, 2017? We would be much better off.
So the government has mismanaged and wasted billions of dollars, and the solution is to give them more money? We are beyond broke, there IS no more money.
The intention WAS to destroy the best health care system in the world. The Left is very good at destroying things.
Doctor X: I've worked for quite a few companies over the past 50 years, and NONE of them ever let the employees decide what insurance would cover and what it would not. You live in a fantasy world.
I'm not sure Obama even qualifies as a wonk. I see no indication that any of the ideas he espouses are his own. When has he ever come up with something new?
Unfortunately, you don't have to be smart to vote.
Just when you think this regime has reached a new low, they manage to do something even more evil.
lois: So you think taking away perks is a good thing?
lois: So does this mean you support the Republican position to repeal Obamacare, and do not support the Democrat anti-Christian business bill described here?
It's only the law of the land when they agree with it. Otherwise, they ignore the law or try to changfe it like they are doing here.
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