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I was a conservative in high school, so I guess I am heartless as well.
They probably would - and I'll bet most of them don't have a clue who Pol Pot was anyway.
Evidently at least slightly over 50% of them are that dumb. Unfortunately, nationally somewhere around 50% are that dumb.
Lois: So you are admitting Social Security is a Ponzi scheme? Because if it isn't then it doesn't matter when or how many of us baby boomers retire.
Since when did lack of funding ever stop liberals?
It sounds like they need some people who took (and passed) Accounting 101 in HHS and the media. I have a small business web site with a shopping cart. Does this mean I have to start counting any abandoned shopping carts as sales if I do my accounting the way they do?
That's true. Zero equals zero.
I am currently writing a doctoral dissertation on small businesses. I wonder how many people realize that 99% of the businesses in this country qualify as "small"? Over 80% have less than 10 employees.
A decade? Nothing short of forever is long enough.
lois: Liberals like you will believe we are NOT being persecuted regardless of reality.
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