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I would say that is not likely. But if they do, they will be parroting the liberal excuse du jour.
Ericynot1 fits the definition of deluded pretty well.
It never WILL occur to him that he is wrong.
Obama never has, and never will, accept personal responsibility for anytihng that goes wrong.
"Liberal thinking voters" is an oxymoron.
I live on the edge of a small town. I got tired of the snow plow knocking my mailbox down every winter and got a P.O. Box. If a package comes that won't fit into my box, they put it in a larger box and leave the key in my P.O. Box so that I can retrieve the package even before or after hours.
I guess living in a small town has its advantages. The people in my local Post Office are always friendly, and service is usually quick. I have a small business and send my packages out via USPS Priority Mail. I buy the label online, drop the parcel off at the Post Office (open 7am to 5 pm, and until noon on Saturday), and get a receipt. I always request delivery tracking and I have had packages delivered all across the U.S. in two to three days.
That's what I'm afraid of.
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