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Old Vince: "Their own tax dollars" won't replace the burned squad car because few, if any, of those involved in these riots pay taxes.
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This Just In: Tesco is Sexist

Bob F. RVN70-71 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 2:46 PM
The little girl (and I am assuming her mother, as well) was offended? I have three words for them: boo effing hoo.
He was guilty of two things: being white and being a cop.
indy: You are assuming these fools can read and write.
"Democrats should have continued to propose middle class-oriented programs, and built on the partial success of the stimulus." What "partial success of the stimulus"? The stimulus was an absolute failure.
"Police don't care - he's black." Okay, so if the police investigate and find out that the person who killed him is black, then what will they say?
"Anyone with a brain" leaves out liberals.
This is not surprising since the evidence seems to suggest Obama is using a stolen social security number himself.
I would say that is not likely. But if they do, they will be parroting the liberal excuse du jour.
Ericynot1 fits the definition of deluded pretty well.
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