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I agree that raising money out of state is wrong, but I have several acres of corn on my property and don't want blood and brains all over the crops. It will mess up the combine.
Why? Because they are crazy, but they are not stupid.
lois: Please tell us why you think Reagan would be a Democrat today. (I can hardly wait to read your explanation).
Lois: Why, is that what you would like to see?
Don't you have to HAVE it before you can "lose" it?
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Why Obama Scares Me

Bob F. RVN70-71 Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 9:28 AM
That leaves out most liberals then.
"Is Pelosi so insulated as to be unaware of these facts, or is she just lying?" Could it be "C," both of the above?
I was a conservative in high school, so I guess I am heartless as well.
They probably would - and I'll bet most of them don't have a clue who Pol Pot was anyway.
Evidently at least slightly over 50% of them are that dumb. Unfortunately, nationally somewhere around 50% are that dumb.
Lois: So you are admitting Social Security is a Ponzi scheme? Because if it isn't then it doesn't matter when or how many of us baby boomers retire.
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