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You are an ignorant fool.
If they understood ANYTHING, they wouldn't be Leftists.
This post is so clearly absurd, that I have no idea how to reply to it.
"They label it a 'political tool to oppose marriage equality or civil unions for same-sex couples'”. But it's okay to use this as a political tool to force "marriage equality" on us by Leftist groups? This has been said before, but if it weren't for double standards "progressives" wouldn't have any standards at all.
To my recollection, Obama was not a "professor" of Constitutional law, he was just a lecturer. From what I have read, other faculty members did not think a lot of him.
They stop counting people who have given up looking for jobs, among other statistical tricks and manipulations.
I think that to the Left "fair" means giving 100% of their income to Leftists. Not profit, income. After all, they are smarter and more moral than we are, so they would spend all money more wisely.
Obama hasn't paid for anything he has done in 5 1/2 years, why would he start now?
Nancy Pelosi has certainly demonstrated ignorance on many occasions.
Most of what Nancy Pelosi says is mind boggling to those of us who HAVE a mind.
I have an idea. How about if Congress MEETS for just five weeks per year and takes a 47 week recess? We would all be better off if that was the case.
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