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Let's go into their homes and assess what we think THEY need and don't need. I'm sure they'd be fine with that. I'm surprised at how many anti-gunners Fox has on its staff.
She speaks very eloquently and powerfully on this topic.
Dear Leader is modeling himself more after Stalin, and I'm sure Frank Marshall Davis coached him well toward that end.
Agreed, we have a God-given right to defend against violent attacks. The Constitution simply restates the right.
At the very least, she is conspiring to incite civil war. She should be removed from office immediately.
It warms my heart to see a few good Americans calling Feinstein what she is: a tyrannical witch. Good job, Marine. Not that there was much to worry about. They folks who think guns are icky are going to have a tough time taking them away from those who like 'em and have 'em. Even if they resort to making examples of a few to try scaring the rest of us into compliance, it won't fly.
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One Cheer for the Cliff Deal

BobCAZ Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 5:31 PM
Like I'm gonna read anything written by the guy who said, "No housing bubble here, move along, nothing to see hear." Bush economics shill, please retire, and soon.
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