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Santorum's record speaks for itself. He'll never get my vote for so much as city dog catcher.
You got a problem with WHO was killed, blame politicians, not warfighters. Theirs is just to do or die.
Masterful signaling of weakness and appeasement. For Barry, it's about being able to say he reached an agreement, not about keeping America or the world safe. His own legacy (or his belief that an Iran deal will help his legacy) is more important than anyone/anything. What else do we expect from this delusional narcissist?
You got armed body guards, big Irishmen? I rest my case. Hypocrite dolt.
So many 3-letter agencies to de-fund, so little time.
A lot of people assert that Jimmy Carter is an intelligent man. If he is, he is one of the dumbest intelligent men on the planet.
You're being kind.
They'll smoke cigars and chat about what a great guy Stalin was.
He had better have learned a few things from his past failure. He can't ignore or try to distance himself from conservative talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin, etc etc, if he wants to win. It would be very embarrassing to be beaten by *shudder* Hillary.
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