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Black Unemployment

Bobby85 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 8:35 AM
In '59 and '60 I worked in my grandfathers barbershop as a shoeshine "boy". I bought my first bicycle from Western Auto and paid $3.00/week. My white hands were stained brown and black from the polish. Still to this day, I remember moments of "learning" from the black AND white customers in the small Florida town. A black man named Jasper was the best tipper so long as I did not get black polish on his white socks.
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The World Is Upside-Down

Bobby85 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 9:55 AM
Yea, I know it would not solve ANYTHING but.....when I saw that newsclip of that pig testifying in Florida I had an UNdeniable urge to just Bit( h slap her for 20 minutes. And then remove her from the living. That smirk on her face completely describes how these pigs think about Good Americans.
RVN70USMC.....there is a dark part of me that doesn't mind that the gangbanging thug punk element (AKA Democrat voters) regardless of ethnicity are killing oneanother in these urban sheite holes. But, fear not TROLLS! I know it is wrong.
Last stand....explain why you think he is a panderer and traitor if he is saying he will work to protect 2nd amendment rights
His position on protecting our God given rights here in the USA are absolutely correct. NOW, having said that, I demand that he PROMISE that he will stand against ANY UN (Useless Nations) attempts to render our Constitution irrelevant thru this subversive ATT (arms trade treaty). If the entire senate does knock down this attempt by the one world bureaucrats there will be a fresh coat of super slippery synthetic oil on our downhill slope to serfdom
Also....the paper in NY that published names & addresses of permit holders should also be demanding thru FOIA the same for ALL of those in Manhattan. That would stir up the Rats Nest.
We need to start the dialog NOW. I will be making a sign to carry on the sidewalk of the police station in my city Melbourne, Florida........ POLICE: WILL YOU TAKE OUR GUNS???
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Bobby85 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 11:18 AM
In 1987 I was 40 yrs old. I was politically ignorant/uninterested/uninvolved. I was in Dallas, Texas. Talk radio was becomming more popular. My job required going to customer locations. In the car, I was GLUED to the radio and the hearings and discussions about them. I wondered WHY are they crucifying this man? I became politically aware. I am HARD CORE CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN. In the 25+ years since, I have educated myself. God forgive me but, I cheered at the death of Kennedy. And isn't it ironic that if Bork had declared himself an athiest, he would TODAY be cheered. But, it was not politically correct back then. He was demeaned for an apparant lack of religious beliefs.
One other thing I forgot to mention. Even if the repubs do resist politically, NObama will just enact whatever he wants thru executive order. To paraphrase what he said to the Rrussian....I got nothing to lose now.
Even before the election, I posted several times on Townhall that ifNObama won, The entire repub congress should just show up at all sessions but, not offer any legislation and just vote "present" on all legislation. Whatever the outcome, the LEFT would OWN it. If not, it would be death by a thousand cuts. Like an alcoholic, we must hit bottom before recovery. We must allow the "child" to eat the whole cake with ice cream to then realize how STUPID it was. It will be painful but, quicker than fighting the outcome.
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