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There not their.
Well if what you say is true Kyle, why is their so much opposition to Voter ID then? To agree to it would be no skin off Dims back and would simply prove their point. It's kinda like saying some one is the smartest person in the room but sealing their academic records from everyone. In the words of WJF: "Liberal Illogic."
It is critical that when one insults the intelligence of another that there are no typos in one's comment. :)
Just another example that conservatives read and libdrools do not.
Still with the Bush did it thing. It is six years later and things are decidedly worse. Obama has doubled and tripled down on everything attacked his own citizens, ruled over us like a dictator, weaponization government, blown up the Middle East, etc., etc., etc. WTH is wrong with you people? Please name one thing that is better for the people of the USA. Please don't talk about the stock market either. Obama was supposed to take care of the corrupt rich folks on Wall Street! Because of his fiscal policies and the inherent inflation resulting from them, he has driven the stock market up ok, but neither you nor I are in any better shape. The Wall Street fat cats are though. The rest of us...not so much. Libs like you have mental disease.
I have an idea to fix the VA...completely disband it! Sell the clinics, the hospitals, and fire the bureaucrats that big it down! Offer free healthcare to all veterans in the form of a healthcare account which could be used at any doctor or hospital in the country. Not only would the care substantially improve (until Ocare takes full effect at least) but all of the VA overhead would disappear!
There it is: ITS BUSH'S FAULT!! You can't even debate with someone who has such a simplistic view of history. I will stipulate that Bush had many things go against him and many were handled poorly, however to blame the financial collapse on him while ignoring the other actions that took place before he became POTUS which contributed to all of that, and to to act as if all of the undermining of his war efforts from the left that hurt us did not occur, is to be disingenuous - something libdrools excel at! Obama on the other hand has borrowed us into unsustainable debt, injected government into healthcare and every other aspect of our lives to an alarming degree, attacked American citizens and businesses, hampered our energy industries necessarily driving up costs to the public, gone completely rogue in relation to the Constitution and his enumerated powers, sought to separate us by class and race, and completely made a huge mess out of foreign policy and our place in the world. The list could go on and on. So at what point do morons like you, six years into Barackward's reign of terror, hold him accountable for all of these things? I never heard any libtard say 911 was Clinton's fault for not taking out OBL. It's as if everything started the day 43 took office with you guys. GWB was responsible from Day One. Wasn't Obama elected because of his promises to fix everything big, bad GWB did? All he has done is double and triple down on all of it and all you guys do is scream "Bush, Bush!"
Lowest you obviously have BDS and you despise GWBush. Is it possible in your oh so dim mind that you might see the irony of comparing everything Barackwards does to 43 and using it as justification for his gaffes? In fact it's beyond ironic: it's flat out stupid!
Racist POS!
I sure hope you're right CC. I just watched the video taken of the HL decision protesters. These people vote!
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