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Correct. It's impossible to govern effectively with Dimocraps in office!
Tell me tin, why are the Pubs the only ones who should worry about that? Shouldn't the Dims have to worry about that too? Oh yeah, half of their constituency is on the dole, right? They don't have business or jobs.
WHILE unilaterally disarming itself.
Hey Ronald, how does one compromise when the other side's idea of said compromise is to do it their way? You are way too moderate Son. If we had tried it your way 40 years ago when we began the slide your idea of compromise may have worked. Today we need to slam the brakes on this baby and start swerving in a different direction. We can no longer sit by and be statesmen while the country borrows and spends itself into oblivion with unilaterally disarming itself. What is wrong with people like you?
Um, actually we do.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

bobbit Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 9:20 PM
Don't kid yourself B-boy. If they found out the white cop DID execute the poor defenseless unarmed kid, the rioting would start anew. Of course most of us know what's going on.
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Is Ferguson Our Future?

bobbit Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 12:27 AM
And while were on the subject of what the media calls things: if I hear one more report about the "unarmed young black teenager (or man) gunned own by a police officer" I think I'm gonna scream! When will the MSM get back to reporting rather than editorializing?
You won't find any because someone's hard drive will have crashed and been destroyed as usual.
I get what you're saying but your analogy is off a bit. There is no Amendment in the Constitution guaranteeing same-sex marriage (hence all the debate), however the right to bear arms is clearly coved within it. Thus there should not even be any debate here.
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