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Cruz: Leave the Internet to the People

bobbit Wrote: 10 hours ago (9:16 AM)
Jeez CC, after whats happened since the new Congress has taken over (nothing) I am not surehow you can say that!
Close but not exactly right. while we can apparently count on Rs helping the Ds, the reverse is precisely the opposite.
You know what? Between this, Net Neutrality, the fiasco over DHS funding, and immigration being perpetrated on us by the Senate, with a Pub majority I might add, I give up. I don't know how I can vote for any more wimpy, spineless Rs.
Until Barackwards makes the deal that will allow Iran to cheat on its nukes and works with ISIS and others to help deliver it to us.
As opposed to libdrools like you who enjoy burying their heads in the sands of their fantasy land? You all would like to pretend that Barackwards is a whiz and things couldn't be better. Morons.
Yeah except the competition doesn't belong here.
Excuse me XJ but it was your president who refused to meet with Bibi obstensibly because of the upcoming Israeli elections when most of us know it is because a) he could not care less what happens to Israel, b) he doesn't want to hear about it from him so he hides like a child covering his ears, and c) he really wants to create a legacy by cutting a deal even though he is the worst and wimpiest negotiator of all time ( see China and carbon emissions). Your defense of him and making this about both sides when it is simply about the left side is typical absurdity from you. Netanyahu simply wants to blow the whistle on this horrific deal ( which does nothing but delay Irans acquisition of nukes - if they don't cheat) and Obama does not want the cat out of the bag.
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

bobbit Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 10:16 AM
Hey meathead, do not quote out of context what you do not understand. Jesus said "Those unwilling to work will not get to eat." 2 Thessalonians 3:10
Maybe they can reduce murders here if they ever started producing jobs for Americans.
You have answered your own question. Daft is not definitely NOT a thinking person.
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