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The Mitt Boom Liberals Will Hate and Libertarians Will Pretend To

Bob_K Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 3:10 PM
Continue ? Given that he's not in any federal job, I'm wondering what he's done to this point ? Obosa ? Socialist, free market denigrator, hates the military, bows to our enemies, apparently now wants young girls to lose their virginity over him. That your guy ? Pitiful.

Like the hostages jetting from Iran the day Reagan raised his right hand, America’s economy is about to bust its chains.

Not everyone will celebrate, even though they should.

America wants to recover.

In all our history, recoveries follow crashes. Usually, the deeper the dip, the steeper the climb back out. The only crisis with a recovery worse than Obama’s is the one that led to policies even more collectively transformative than his.

Builders, growers, producers, achievers—that is, employers--don’t know whether the next blow from the White House will aim at their taxes, their energy, their emissions, their employees’ tort rights,...

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