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Who's a Racist?

Bob_K Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 4:07 PM
Actually, true Republicans don't believe the party has gone far enough to the right. And they're right. The party will continue to move to the right and drag the country with it. Which will result in a far more powerful, energetic country then the weak greece country the left is hoping for. Powell is a very poor analytic, voting simply on race. Anything else seems too deep for someone like him, who was elevated by all kinds of affirmative action programs, not true ability.
Continue ? Given that he's not in any federal job, I'm wondering what he's done to this point ? Obosa ? Socialist, free market denigrator, hates the military, bows to our enemies, apparently now wants young girls to lose their virginity over him. That your guy ? Pitiful.
Stupid waste of a vote. Oboso supporter, apparently.
You have difficulty seeing any picture. The embassy hostages were released as Regan was being sworn in as president. I remember it. You, apparently, weren't yet born. You're knowledge hasnt's improve much from that time, near as I can tell.
Union troll. BTW, you're pretty obsolete. Ask your mother, she'll tell you.
Really. Not understanding terms again, I see ?
Actually, if Romney wins the Federal Government will start concentrating on defending the country, which is its charter, and lowering expectations and actions that support socialism, which is not its charter. If Oboso wins, you can expect the exact opposite, as evidenced by the past four disasterous years, "Sensibly addressing the issues" simplies means shrinking the federal government to the size it is supposed to be, about a tenth what it is. You probably weren't thinking that, though.
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Obama on Foreign Policy: Tax the Rich

Bob_K Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 9:20 AM
Really ? Perhaps you want to consider Spain. They have stable but higher corporate taxes then neighboring countries. So, not being stupid, corporations simply are shifting their profits and operations to these neighboring countries. Spain's income from corporations is plummeting. The truth is that the "rich" and corporations are smart enought to move their assets to locations where they pay the least amount possible. It's about time the US became such a place. Once we do, you will find that tax revenue from said "rich" and corporations will increase.
Given your lack of intelligible english, and your generous use of offensive words, I'm guessing a union construction worker. Or else a public school english teacher. But that actual point that you seem to be missing is this: The government should not be paying for individuals to go to college or start businesses. If someone wants to do those things, let them work at getting whatever resources they need to do them. Millions of people have done it in the past, and are better off for it.
Typical left-liberal. No intelligent response to the actual article, because the conservatives are right, as usual, so attack someone to divert attention from it.
I'm pretty sure McCain wouldn't have started his presidency by bowing down to ME leaders, showing submission. Things like that actually matter in the ME. Strength is admired, weakness is despised. And Oboso has made it a point to highlight weakness. And whether you like it or not, a South Korean civilian jet is not a US ambassador. With the former, you look at what would be in the best interests of the US, in the latter, the best interest of the US is ALWAYS a forceful response.
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