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Except that this isn't about pollution, it's about "climate change," which has been proven to be a hoax.
But the very first thing they did was to break the law.
They called GWB's tenure an "Imperial Presidency", but with very little in the way of example to back up that assertion. I'm still waiting for examples.
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How To Stop Being Poor

Bob91 Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 11:49 AM
I'm waiting for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and/or B. Obama to come out with a message like this. Unfortunately, their plantation has become too big to succeed, so you will never hear this talk from them. They *require* that the poor stay poor and uneducated. Intelligent people don't vote Democrat after all.
Yep. So that everyone can see that liberals are simple-minded oatmeal-brained idiots devoid of any critical thinking and/or debate skills. Instead of having a discussion with the Gov. on different viewpoints, they immediately resort to shrill attack mode.
So now you get Shaheen, a pro-abortion Democrat plus all of the other Democrat baggage. Good job!
I saw that. S.O.B. Sarvis' own narcissism may have handed the election to the Dems.
As a Living-Impaired American, and proud Democrat voter, I resent your characterizations!! BRRRAAIIINNNSSSS!!!!
Wallace. Another Democrat hero.
"The simple question is at the top of many minds...: "How will you work to reach across partisan lines to accomplish real goals?"" The LAST thing I want Congress-critters to do is "accomplish" anything. The less they do, the less they screw (us).
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Profile, or Die

Bob91 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 1:13 PM
That's why I don't frequent inner cities or other dangerous neighborhoods unless absolutely necessary. These are the places where 95% of your "patriots" commit their murders. You blow smoke, and you have absolutely no understanding of what freedom truly is. You are sheep. I'm sure Obama has your vote.
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