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If young, urban "hipster" women want to be taken seriously, then STOP BEING SO DAMN STUPID! Get informed, and you will quickly realize who is waging the real "War on Women". But these young idiots swallow up the garbage regurgitated by the left like stupid little hatchlings. They idolize "strong" women like Hillary Clinton, who has proudly defended child rapists as well as destroyed/defamed the women that her philandering husband diddled in the WH. The proud, young, "strong" women are absolutely pathetic.
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Welcome Our Newest Ally! Iran!

Bob91 Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 4:04 PM
Which, in and of itself, is extreme!! Global warming!! The sky is falling!! cluck cluck cluck
More like "baaaaaaa"
"Does the air in the Northeast lead to violent psychosis that erases all my training and makes me prone to random acts of homicide? Of course it doesn’t." I disagree. There has to be something in the air or water in these blue states to cause such mass idiocy. I also disagree that this is something that needs to be done at the federal level. This is for the very reason cited in the article - once the Federal Gov't camel has its nose under the tent, it's gonna keep trying to get in. Leave this up to the state Attorneys General. My personal solution is that I simply do not travel to a state that does not recognize my natural right.
What's wrong with this country when the lowliest Border Patrol worker couldn't get the job with a felony background, but you can be a Congresscritter?
Did you ever stop to ask where Syria got its WMDs? There are reports as early as 2002-2003 time frame that Iraq was moving truckloads of ... "something" ... across the border into Syria. Colin Powell confirmed this. The fact
His foreign policy is also that of a child. Or a Muslim appeaser. Or a Muslim.
It couldn't happen until after November anyway, and that's only IF the Republicans gain control of the Senate.
He. Does. Not. Care.
It was a political speech, not a graduation address.
It's just a temporary cognitive dissonance. The LSM will be ooohing and ahhing again in no time.
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