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As much as I hate to admit it, Hillary's "As far as I know" is a much better answer.
You do know that McCarthy was right, right?
Ayup, Republicans should turn the question around on these media idiots and invite them to prove exactly HOW B.H. Obama loves this country. One example would be good.
Don't forget ISIS and Islamic fascism on the horizon. I fear for my kids and grandkids as well.
Nah, he'll vote FOR the amnesty bill because he knows it'll never get past Obama.
If only Cruz were getting the polling numbers that Walker was getting. I like Walker, no doubt. But Ted is the real deal. A conservative firebrand that articulates his principles while simultaneously beating the living siht out of the media when they try to "gotcha" him. Maybe Walker/Cruz. That could be a winning ticket. I'd settle for Walker knowing that Cruz may be on the horizon.
In this case, McConnell should (but won't) do what Derek Hunter said: Pass the "Amnesty Repeal" bill first, the toothless bill (since it will be vetoed before the ink is even dry). Then add it as an amendment to the "clean" DHS funding bill. Force these "I'll vote to repeal amnesty (when I know it'll never happens)" Democrats and Republicans to maintain their convictions, and vote for the bill + amendment (that they already supported). But that would require Mitch to grow a pair and lead. So... you know... it ain't gonna happen.
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Dear Mitch

Bersa Bob Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 9:56 AM
Two words! Get balls!
Reagan articulated conservative principles, "bold colors" if you will, and won. "Squishy" doesn't appeal to undecided voters. In any case, I don't consider the "undecideds" to be very heavily critical thinkers. Whichever way the wind blows that day, that's who they support. Undecideds are the "ooh...squirrel!!" portion of the electorate.
Would any real company maintain 30,000 "non-essential" employees? In any case, if they are furloughed, they will make out like bandits. They'll collect unemployment, then receive all back pay when they are back on the job. They won't have to pay back the unemployment. Come to think if it, they ARE bandits. 2013 - Republicans filibuster, gov't shutdown ensues. Fault? Republicans. 2016 - Democrat filibuster, gov't shutdown ensues. Fault? Republicans. G'damn surrender monkeys. McConnell, grow a pair or go home.
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