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Earth to Paul Ryan: If a shutdown is threatened, no matter what the reason, Republicans will get blamed.
I think some folks are actually taking you seriously ;)
Islam is a race now?
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ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels Teaming Up?

Bob91 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 3:19 PM
How so?
I am in agreement. I think the author of the article may be stretching a bit here.
I was just about to quote that :) The fact that this person thinks that this woman thinks that she and Perry on opposite "sides" says a lot about her mindset. I'm also pretty sure that she means "side" in the political sense. So tell me this isn't pure partisan BS.
Don't get too excited until he makes it "perfectly clear" that he was appalled.
Except that they're not subjugating anyone or occupying any land for which they don't also have a claim. Israel provides more freedom for Arabs than the Arab nations. What do they get in return? Rockets aimed at their civilian population. What do you think they should do? What would you do if your neighbor continuously fired rockets at your house?
Exactly. And this ain't the first such travesty.
PA has no duty to inform an officer that you are armed :( If only she had known that, she may not have volunteered the information in NJ, either. In any case, the Democrat/KKK war continues. And where is Ann Coulter's favorite, Christie? *crickets* Anyone who thinks Christie is a fellow traveler when it comes to 2A is foolish.
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