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If Obama and Holder can pick and choose what laws to enforce then the people should be able to do the same.
It's George Bush's fault !
Because the two thugs were not charged to the fullest extent of the law, where are the hate crime charges ? You and I both know if the two were white and victim black we would be seeing that happening.
They can't be. Without the race pimping what would the left have ?
Zimmerman was tried and sent free by 6 minorities even after the state tried to withhold evidence, what part of that can't you understand ? Those 6 minorities had the same conclusion as the cops the night of the shooting.
Zimmerman was given a pat on the back for taking out trash. That "child" was soon to be a statistic, better for us it was him being killed and not being the killer. And why no talk of a hate crime when blacks do the killing ? Are you one to think blacks are to inferior to be held accountable for hate ?
Wow, people get flat tires on the way to the proctologist and still make the appointment, I don't see this as a big deal like the doctor does.
Race norming was prevalent in the late 70s. It basically says that since you are white you are held to a higher standard, something the left pushes on a daily basis.
Those Tea Party people are at it again !
right on point about repubs pulling the strings. But repubs get no credit for the '94 through '99 when spending slowed. Repubs after that thought they could spend what they wanted while they had the exec and non defense spending increased as well. Prior to '94, congress was a dem party lock. They controlled the house for about 44 years straight and had the senate half that time. During that time dems got us into Korea and we are still there and we are still paying for it. They got us into Vietnam and that cost 10 times more American lives than Iraq and LBJ funded part of that war with the Social Security trust fund. That trust fund was not repaid and the democrat party drained it. Dems seem to forget their wars they did not pay for.
I heard Barney admit he ate a pot brownie not Coke. It was him, Clinton, Dodd and other leftists that forced Fannie and Freddie to back ninja loans. You should look back to what Clinton did to help the mortgage market to fail, leading to the overall economic downturn. Did NAFTA really help ? Did ending Glass-Steagal help ? We had a near meltdown under Clinton with derivitives yet he and his Harvard men brushed it under the rug. Clinton also signed the bill allowing for credit default swaps just prior to leaving office, did that help ? And then we also have what Clinton did not do, kill Bin Laden after several attacks starting with the world trade center and ending with the Cole bombing.
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