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Obama Halts Global Warming by Executive Order

Bob62 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 12:13 PM
So what about this executive order? what's the ID or a link so we can read it... Piglousi said "don't read it", it seems to me that you can say "Here, read it for yourself" ALSO... The world HAS TO BE Warming... We came out of an ice age, we have a constant heat source keeping us alive, IT'S A CYCLE!!! Just because we live on the earth, doesn't mean the earth is here for us... It's going to do what planets do, we're just here for the ride, along with the oceans, plants, and lower animals, et. al... WE are a product of the earth, the earth is NOT a product of us... Why is that so tough to digest?!?
rickmcq Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 12:41 PM
You might think that all of the cities being bombed, ships being sunk at sea, artillery round being fired, airplanes being shot down, etc., during WW2 might have provided us with a clear and compelling case for MMGW...

President Obama has apparently halted global warming by a secret executive order, which, amongst other things, commands the seas to stop rising, the world to begin to heal and the Chevy Volt assembly line to show a profit in 2013 despite a MSRP of $39,999, less $7,500 in government rebates.

This is the only conclusion that I can come to as I ponder the Global Warming Alarmists Brigade’s latest effort in pseudo-science, or what I like to call “Science for Journalists.”

Recently Shaun Marcott, Ph.D., published a paper that “proves” that the world is warmer now than at...