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Ok Let's Have Open Carry on Campus

Bob602 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 11:09 AM
Agree 100% with the author of this article but don't believe it's going anywhere soon under this progressive administration on the federal level. Is it possible for the governors of states along with their legislative bodies to pass laws permitting what you logically suggest?
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Jesus Returns to the Woodlands!

Bob602 Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 10:53 AM
Excellent and it echoes the Pope Francis's sentiments expressed to the world wide Catholic Church - First evangelize ourselves and our relationship to Jesus and his call to love and serve all but especially the poor. Thank you Dr. Adams
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Why December 25th?

Bob602 Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 12:54 PM
You just erase everything I had written. I guess there's a time limit. I wrote that on Dec 21st the days gradually become longer. Since Jesus is the light of the world it seemed appropriate to signify his entrance into the world by establishing his DOB on Dec 25th as the light of day increases. Light is revealing the Father and his plan for mankind. It really does not matter when he was born but why he was born. To save us all!
Making sense in a warped world of power, greed, control, is rejected by those who currently possess those attributes. When the TEA Party members try to elect honorable people to change the rules of the game in Washington they get barraged by their own political party as we saw with the Speaker of the House. We need elected officials with the courage to unite and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
The laity are not bound by the ordinary words of the Holy Father. An example of John Paul II opined that capital punishment is wrong but the Church speaks to self defense. A Catholic has the option. If the Pope speak ex cathedra (from the chair of St Peter) on matters of faith or morals he being led by the collegiality of the cardinals and bishops and inspirited by the Holy Spirit is infallible. It has been done twice in the Church, namely, the assumption of Mary Jesus's mother into heaven body and soul, , and her immaculate conception which is conceived without original sin.
The Pope is speaking about the excessiveness of capitalism. He's asking not telling the rich to share their wealth.
They lie period. Not this side of lying. They outright deceive since to tell the truth just once would destroy their act as progressives. It's smoke and mirrors when they promised transparency. They will lose in the end.
Dennis Prager makes a clear and convincing case for Mary being the bitter anti straight position of marriage between one man and one woman. The examples he uses were excellent and should make her think again on her bolting from the family.
And this is with the Main Stream Media supporting him at every turn and covering up for his incompetence. Bush was attacked for 8 years by the MSM and he didn't reach the level of Obama 'til toward the end of his second term.
You tell a lie and you tell it over and over and and over again and the uninformed devoted left wing progressives be live it and I believe the Republicans even begin to believe it because they do not challenge it to set the record straight.
I was a big supporter financially of Governor Walker but I can not agree with him regarding the principled possible candidates he mentioned. It appears he's setting up his own candidacy by his own description of who should run. He's done a great job as governor and has help strong to his principles. However, the TEA Party, of which I am a member, likes to see honorable people go to Washington and keep their promises. Who are people we can call statesmen and women not politicians who say one thing and do the opposite. The big three that are mention have excellent backgrounds in education, experience in the real world, and common sense. The last characteristic is rare in Washington. I'll wait a see before supporting anyone but I lean toward honesty, truth, transparency, etc.
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