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You should also remind global warming nitwits that there was an even lager consensus of Scientists believing, Acid Rain was destroying our Forests, Lakes, Rivers, and Streams back in the 60's, 70's and 80's. However a 10 year study, by 700 hundred scientists from 24 Universities, and Peer Reviewed by many other universities, and colleges, determined it about to be 3% fact, and 97% exaggerations, and bunk.
In the 17th century Europe, during the coldest period of the little Ice Age, over 600 people were burned at the stake for being Witches. Many of the people of that era, in their ignorance of Science, thought the bitter cold came from curses put on them by witches. I think we're dealing with exactly same level of ignorance today in regarding global warming.
I remember toward the end of both the Carter, and Clinton's reigns of incompetency, our press-titutes( I like that too) attempted to get their credibility back. Though Carter was totally beyond resurrecting, however with Clinton, they have pulled off a miracle of historical revisionism. I don't doubt in a few years, they will attempt another revision for Obama.
As usual McCain is a big critic of others. However I wonder if he's even looked Obama's track record on foreign, or military policy. Nearly everything he's touched has turned into a disaster, both here and abroad. Personally I think the battle in Iraq was lost a couple of years ago, By Obama.
If this is true, we've traded five very dangerous terrorist for an American hating Deserter. We should start calling Obama's administration , the SNAFU administration. Have they not screwed up just about everything they've tried to do. Actually I'm beginning to believe that screwing everything up, my be their plan.
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Hillary's Health Matters

Bob570 Wrote: May 22, 2014 10:38 AM
HillaryCare is what matters Mr. Thomas, it was the precursor to ObamaCare, and lost Clinton the House and Senate. Will you nitwits get off making her a victim?
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No Landslide for the GOP

Bob570 Wrote: May 18, 2014 10:26 AM
In 2012 we were told no could could win with just White voters. Now we're being told the Republicans will win because of White voters. Actually I think the Dems have turned off a lot of folks in this country of all colors. I don't think there is any Demographic that hasn't suffered under this regime. Except maybe a number of Obama's rich campaign donors.
I doubt it won't be too long before Christians in this country will suffer the same fate. Though it won't be by another religion, it will be by the hate fill left.
What will be said is quite simple. He was stymied in curing the World's problems by mean spirited white folks who didn't want to see him succeed. The left wing media has invested far too much into the man to allow him to down as a failure.
Well our Repub establishment is push another Bush, and the Demo Establishment is pushing another Clinton, for President. While in the Congress, it looks like McConnell, and Boehner for the Repubs, and Reid, and Pelosi for the Dems. Exactly what does anyone have to be enthused about?
Is it any wonder the Country is in the mess it's in when both Repubs, and Dems, keep picking their presidential Candidates from these whacked out Ivy League cesspools.
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