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I don't know if this all that much of a good thing. I mean after all having the "Teachers" and the Unions against a Democrat generally means, he hasn't been raising taxes on businesses, and property owners, as much as they'd generally like him too. In other words He's not far enough to the Left.
Gee, with cheerleaders like you, I can't believe we haven't won every election. Republican pundits, and political strategists, are at most time our worst enemies.
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Obama Giveth, Obama Gets Crushed

Bob570 Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 10:00 AM
Do you get discouraged at how misinformed most Americans are?
First off our MSM do not resemble Liberals in any way shape or form, they are leftists period. And being such, they are more Ideologist, or Cultist if you will, then rational realist like most of us. In their world Scott Walkers actions has damaged a corner stone of their utopian socialist dreams, and regardless of how corrupt, and destructive that corner stone was to us, it was a vital foundation to their world.
What we really need to do is teach people how to place and read a outdoor thermometer. Then compare those temperatures to their local weather reports. Most local weather reports come from their local major airports, which are the worst place in the world to get temperatures from. Do to the airport's miles of asphalt runways, and parking lots, and concrete building soaking up heat from the sun all day long.
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Megyn Kelly Destroys Bill Ayers, Again

Bob570 Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 6:58 AM
As Patron Saint of Obama's extreme left, "professor"? Ayers's only rebuttal is to fall back on denigration, which demonstrates how outclassed he was. Some Republican who'd like to be President in 2016, might want to engage her as their political strategist, instead of the nitwits they have now.
The End justifies the Means is, and always will be the Corner stone of the Not so Democratic Party. A long time ago when I was young they hated, and segregated African Americans. Today, they are attempting to do the same to the whites in this country.
Actually it's not. he can do what Clinton did with Al Qaeda, leave it for the next guy.
There is no real surprise in the fact that the only Laws Obama is concerned about during his terms in office, are those involving going after people's money.
And yeat we have our own Rand Paul, joining Eric Holder in worrying about our police becoming too Militarize. If you asked me they need their own Air support, and armored vehicles.
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