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Mr. Plane should try looking up the NAPAP study. It's a small 10 year, with 700 scientists spending a half a billion dollars disproving the lies and exaggerations of the acid rain nonsense. It was Peer-reviewed by just about every university in this country, and else where. It concluded the Acid rain scare was 97% bunk.
the answer to TBrennan55, question is quite simple. "We already had the better system, that's why the world's wealthy always came to America when they had a serious problem.
Well I really liked FireFox as a Web browser, but I'll not do business with a company run by bigots. You never win when you step all over the rights of one person to please another.
You do know, don't you, you are probably getting these people names on Homeland Security's watch lists, the Lois Lerner's audit regularly list, the NSA's record all conversations list, as well as read all E-Mail lists, and finally the no more promotions list if they plan to stay in the Military list..
I've unfortunately worked for two companies run by Harvard Graduates, and if Ranson is anything like their Harvard's business graduates, Crime will probably go down not up. They tend to be 180 degrees out of touch with reality.
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The Liberal Strategy for 2014: Buffoonery

Bob570 Wrote: Mar 29, 2014 7:21 AM
Some of these economic reports remind me of "Baghdad Bob" telling a group of reporters that Iraq's army had repelled the America forces, as an American Tank passed in the background.
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United Nations Says It’s All Your Fault

Bob570 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 3:54 PM
Half the Countries in the UN are run by third World Dictators, and the other half are envious.
We need to get back to them-there bad old days when Congress wrote the laws of the land, instead of our unelected Bureaucrats. You see the Constitution prohibits Congress from violating our Rights, and apparently our bureaucracies don't seem they are prohibited at all.
Why haven't we seen her name mentioned for 2016?
Hmm A Demo Congressmen sigs his lawyers on news stations over an ad that makes him look bad. Obama sigs the FCC after the News Media, that reported his Lies. Harry Reid calls anyone that tells the truth about ObamaCare Liars. What next are they going to hirer Baghdad Bob to do a promo for them. Or are we going to have to keep our eyes in the skies for drones.
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