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NYT/CBS Poll: Romney Takes the Lead, Brutal Internals for Obama

Bob558 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 4:08 PM
Yeah, but you really need to look at the polls state by state with an eye on 270 electoral college votes. Right now Romney needs either Ohio or Pennsylvania, assuming he has NC, Virginia and Colorado (and Florida, which he should have pretty easy now). I'd play the coal card; let Obama hammer him with a stupid lie about a non-compliant coal plant. Romney was never anti-coal. Obama is anti-coal and anti-business. Ohio is fair game and Pennsylvania is not out of the question for Romney. But to look at any national poll and say 'if x and y and z, then Romney will win' is just too simplistic. He also needs some support on calling out Democrat lies; Obamacare abortion funding violates 1st amend, lied about Bengazi, Iran A-bome etc
didgemaster Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 7:55 AM
Pennsylvania is winning he ground game here. I live in the Philadelphia area and most people here are sick of Obozo the clown. Every road here is layered in Romney/Ryan sign and there is a large growing support for Scott Brown for senate. As for Philadelphia, you have to look around to see an Obama/Biden sign. You won't see any Romney signs but that's not an issue. There has been a growing support for Gary Johnson but I feel that saying your for Gary Johnson is code for your really voting for Romney.

The top line is only 47 percent for Romney compared to 46 percent for Obama, but that's among registered -- not likely -- voters with a D/R/I sample breakdown of 33/26/41 (D+6.5).  Here are the basics, then it's all downhill from there for The One:

Forty-seven percent of registered voters nationwide who lean towards a candidate back Romney, while 46 percent support the president. Four percent are undecided. The one percentage point difference is within the survey's three point margin of error. Romney leads by eight points among men; the president leads by five points...